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Marijuana As A Sleep Aid

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 221010, May 8, 2011.

  1. Throughout my life I've dealt with periods of insomnia, and also periods without insomnia - where I still can't get enough sleep.

    When I smoke weed, I tend to get pretty high really fast, and have very intense dreams and feel not-so-good in the morning.
    I've recently pulled out my old Vapour Genie, and a few times hitting that up before bed has resulted in some amazing sleep.
    Firstly, I have no troubles getting to sleep.. It just happens!
    Secondly, I can go to sleep at crazy early times like 8pm, and I wake up feeling so amazingly well rested as a result of this.

    What's everyone elses' thoughts on this? Experiences?
  2. i get high to a level, and then if i go past this certain level it makes it hard to sleep.
  3. For me, if I get high enough in a comfortable environment such as my room, I knock out like a fucking baby. Excuse the language but as a graphic designer my head is constantly rolling through random images and ideas and I personally use marijuana to shut it the fuck up so I can get some nice rest.

    Though I have noticed that this does indeed give marijuana a greater addictive quality as with any other sleeping aids. If you do it in moderation (I usually only smoke when the sleep is necessary or I've had enough days of nonstop work and need to relax) you get used to the "downs" of sleeping without smoking.
  4. I use marijuana everynight to get to sleep, thats basically the only time i 'really' smoke any weed, i try to handle my shit as i can. i am not in a medical state, so i have to get my shit else where, but i use for medicinal purposes..ive told countless doctors the same thing to.
    just looked at me crazy haha
    fucking assholes
    BTW guys
    Zombie appreciation month is this month!!!
  5. depends on if its a Sativa or Indica i think. that being said,
    they dont call THC a psycho'active' ingredient for nothin'.
  6. I gotta say , AMEN ! to that

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