Marijuana As A Hallucinagion ?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by JosephLee, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. My first experincevactually getting high on hemp was 43 years ago, at which time I experienced what was clearly amomentary hallucingic state, by which I mean when I shut my eyes every mental picture was clear, vivid and very colorful. Almost like a high def, three dimensional movie. That was a long time ago, and has never occurred since. Until last night when I overindulged on the medibles, consuming enough grams for several people, and noticed something vaguely familiar. It was almost like I was tripping on acid back in theseventies, and there was someslight confusion as well. I remember once reading that Hemp was, at least at the time, classified as an hallucinigin (sic). But then it was also once listed as a narcotic. Any thoughts/experiences with this subject?
  2. The lacing theory probably wouldn't fit this scenario, as I got those particular medibles from a highly orginized dispenserie (sic) that screens their meds.
  3. Oh right. I didn't see you got it from a dispensary, I thought you got it from a dealer who gets it from one. Well wow that's incredible! I hope to one day experience that lol smoke on brotha
  4. Wait closed eye visuals? Ya I've had that but I was blazed man I mean I had no tolerance and took 30 hits dude I couldn't feel my body and Everthing was trippy
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  6. [quote name='"BlazingZombiess"']im gunna be that guy, i see a *spelling error*.[/quote]

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  7. The landrace sativa strains from way back in the day are what you remember smoking. They gave effects that were extremely psychoactive compared to what we have today. The hybrids we have now are good, but it's really a diluted gene pool with the original genetics in the mix. Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to get your hands on any bud like this anymore, since all the selective breeding has been suited mostly for commercial purposes, high yield and fast flowering, both of which don't come along with those oldschool sativas.
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    take ~10-20 dabs of sativa oil, close your eyes and meditate with CEV's exploding everywhere. its fun.
  10. When mixed with other psychedelics I definitely find weed can cause hallucinations.

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