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Marijuana Appears to Slow Cancer Growth in Laboratory Setting

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AMachine, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Check out the article.

  2. alright hopefully its a step closer for mmj in every state......what i dont understand is for how long marijuana has been around hey only do studies every so often yet other scientist have tested with crazy chemicals that were used during wars as poison gas and 1 guy thought it could cure a form of arthritis or carple rather volunteer for the mary jane than to have a needle with some unknown substance in it poked in me
  3. Notice it's not a phone poll... "laboratory TESTS"
  4. Wow. Very nice. That is tight.

  5. Hmm.. FOX NEWS? really? they are reporting this eh? wow, seems rather unlike them to report truthful findings about Marijuana.

    Well, this is something very interesting indeed, thank you for sharing =)

  6. It's a good article finally looking at what marijuana really is and does. Not just propaganda.
  7. If its on Fox news, there must be hope. :D
  8. Thanks for sharing this.

    What a marvelous plant.
  9. This is my theory on this. they do a lot of these studies where cannabis is found to slow the growth of cancer & shrink tumors to a degree. But if they increased the dosage of cannabis they could completely eliminate the cancer. That's what the people in Run From the Cure who used the hash oil have done, they take a pound of good herb in oil form over the course of a few months. & they're completely cured.

    So the amount of tumor reduction that occurs is dependent on the amount of cannabis taken, obviously. There will be a study saying that cannabis reduced 30 some percent of the tumor or something, but all they'd have to do is triple the dosage & the tumor would be completely gone. Which is why the restrictions on the amount of herb medical marijuana patients can have are completely counter-intuitive when looked at from an actual medical point of view & not one of ignorance. Really we should all be allowed to use cannabis for medicinal purpose because the plant has the same healing & beneficial effect on everyone regardless of your current physical condition. So someone who takes it & has cancer might be cured but someone who doesn't have cancer but may otherwise develop it may not because of their so-called 'recreational' cannabis use.

    It seems to me that the key though for getting the most medicinal benefit from it seems to be ingesting rather than smoking, & possibly over vaporizing as well. All the people who were cured from the oil with Rick Simpson did so be eating it. On the other hand Michelle Rainey recently developed cancer & she smokes herb all the time.

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