marijuana angels ARE real

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  1. alright, so me and one of my friends used to smoke on occasion, not a lot, at partys or if we were chillen. I started smoking a lot more, in the morning, at school, before bed, by myself, with friends, lol whenever i could, so he began following in suit. one night we were at another friends house, he lives with his parents but they are SUPER chill. so we were smoking his 3 ft custom roor and we are all chewed as fuck, and all of a sudden i just freaked out, floating mabye an inch over my friends head is a thick, white, big, perfect and beautiful smoke ring! it just slowly floated up with all of us freaking out. i thought i was just tripping balls at first but are other friend saw it and was freaking out too. anyways, my friend looks %100 like criss angel, its uncanny lol, so thats what we call him now, the smoke ring being a halo :p we decided that the smoke ring had to be a sign... it wasnt him "becoming" a stoner, it was the old him giving up, saying fuck it, and leaving :p i dont know how this story sounds, its kinda hard to explain and i hope i did a good job!

    heaps o peace
  2. lol good story. i believe in the marijuana angels
  3. " my friend looks %100 like criss angel, its uncanny lol"


    You'd have to try very hard to look like that much of a wanker.
  4. im sorry bit this deserves a WTF?? LOL!!!!
  5. Ive blown a smoke ring that my friends claimed to have done the same thing (Made a halo over my head) but of course I cant tell ya if I did or not, because I couldnt see it.
  6. Good story
  7. lol thanks for the comments, i know its a messed up story, but, we still talk about to this day lol and that picture is pretty much what he looks like :p except criss angel with his longer hair lol

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