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Marijuana and ulcers

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by imsostoned, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Last night I went to the ER because I had been vomiting and vomiting blood for the past couple days. I told them what happened, and what had happened a couple weeks earlier (I went to my hometown ER for the same reason). Both ER's said it's most likely an ulcer. Now they told me about cigarette smoke and how it can cause ulcers and keep them from healing, however I asked everyone I could at both ERs and neither could give me a definitive answer.

    Does anyone have any experience with ulcers and marijuana? I've been googling all morning trying to find something backed up by science but I guess since it's a Schedule I drug there's not much info out there on it. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    I know for sure I'll be taking a break from marijuana. At it's worst point weed wasn't helping my nausea at all :(
  2. A lot depends on the underlying cause of the ulcer, if it is, indeed, an ulcer. Are you going to have any more testing done to determine what is actually going on in there?
    Vomiting blood: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

    If you're vomiting blood because of lung cancer or stomach cancer or hepatitis (they did do some bloodwork at the ER, right?) the answer would be different...
  3. Cannabis will decrease stress levels, which is an excellent way to combat ulcers, but without more specifics on your type of ulcer, and its location, that general answer is all I have.

    In general, cannabis is a homeostatic agent, and decreases the body's odd tendency to work against itself, which is the root cause of many ulcers, when things get unbalanced in the duodenal or alimentary regions, for whatever reason.

    If you fear that smoking it is causing you difficulties, perhaps you should try consuming edibles. But without knowing a specific type of ulcer, and it's cause, you are shooting blindly blaming anything for it, really. Diet is the most likely culprit, many ulcers are the result of undiscovered food allergies and sensitivities.

    Anecdotal though it may be, I can say I have heard many people speak of their ulcers, and acid reflux being lessened, or eradicated, by using cannabis to soothe their rough edges and balance their chi a little bit better, or simply get their digestion back on track.

    Seek out your physician, and get a more thorough check up, and if possible let us know how you improve, with or without cannabis. If you have been to two ER's over this problem, it could be serious, and ulcerative colitis can damage you permanently, even be lethal.
    Ulcerative colitis: Symptoms - MayoClinic.com
  4. I've actually had a UC scare a few years ago in high school. Last night the ER doc checked for any blood in my stool but there wasn't anything.

    All they really did was some blood work. My white blood cell count, red, etc etc. Everything was normal. They didn't check for H. Pylori which I forgot to ask about. I've had H. Pylori before, I'm wondering if it might have come back again.

    I will definitely be doing more testing soon, probably within a week or two. Im using my moms Blue Shield HMO, and they recently "pulled out" of Northern California, forcing me to drive 5 hours back to my home town to my doctor. -_- Thankfully I can actually make the drive now, thanks to the Ondansetron they gave me.
  5. Yay Zofran...:hello:Gotta love insurance:mad:...I hope you can find out what is going on soon. Puking blood is not a good sign, esp with a history of unexplained gasto intestinal issues.
  6. Ondansetron? Are you in Chemotherapy? That's what that drug is usually for.(And 5 hours to see a family doctor? That's enough to give you an ulcer right there!)

    Another pharmaceutical that debilitates the liver function over time, don't stay on it too long. Funny how the list of possible side effects on so many phamaceuticals sounds worse than the condition it's supposed to treat, isn't it?

    Dizziness, itching, swollen lips, shortness of breath, diarrhea...wow, another wonder drug...:eek:

    My sympathies on the long drive, healthcare is getting a little bit ridiculously hard to find these days.
  7. Now that Zofran is available in generic a lot of hospitals are using it in preferance to promethazine...because of all the promethazine side effects. Devil/Deep Blue Sea.:(
  8. JESUS CHRIST... they didn't tell me about all the side effects it can have. Nah im not on chemo or anything, the nurse told me that that's what it was used for though lol.

    Yeah the drive is the suck but Im startin to get used to it. I might take a train next time.
  9. I heard cigarettes had a thing to play with ulcer as well. I don't know whether it's the substance in cigs or just the smoke. If it's the latter, then marijuana can do the same I suppose.

    Honestly, I hope weed doesn't have anything to do with ulcers. Do tell if you come up with anymore news from the doc...You DID tell em about using weed right? Doc's under orders of confidentiality so they won't tell your employers or parents supposedly--doesn't hurt if you back up that statement with them so they keep their mouths shut.

    I had a peptic ulcer, one caused by bacterial infection. One of the more common causes of ulcers. How old are you anyways? Stress levels shouldn't be a factor, otherwise most college students would get it.
  10. Yeah I let him know. I always tell my docs everything. I always get a disapproving look tho lol. I'll keep you guys updated on anything I find out about ulcers. It's probably gonna be a couple weeks before I actually go home and get a more thourough exam.

    Was it Heliobactor Pylori? Cause I've been infected by that before, although I dont remember throwing up so much last time.
  11. Oh yeah, it was a pylori stand. And Thanks, would love to know the affects :)
  12. I am, Zofran doesn't do a damn thing but give you a pounding headache... Promethazine however just makes you fall asleep for 3 or 4 hours so its not really any help...

    OP, I'd just not smoke for a few days and see if you notice a change... Can't hurt..
  13. I doubt its the smoke bbut it may be, Also alot of food can make it take longer to heal spicy foods, pepers, etc. & it will make ur stomach hurt also
  14. Thanks for the info Storm Crow!

    I smoked a littttttle bit yesterday, and a couple hits this morning. Didn't feel a difference.

    However, I have a new symptom that Im fairly worried about. So far today Ive had 2 BM and both were VERY dark/black, and tarry. I read from the ulcer info pack that the ER gave me that I should go back right away, because it could be a sign of major bleeding. However, Im kind of confused as to why all the sudden after so long I only now get melena? Could it be because of the Zofran? My mom seemed to think so, but I think she's getting it mixed up with pepto... I did take a bit of pepto last night, and intermittently (and admittedly, in weird doses, I remember the night before I went to the ER I took like 4-5 in a very short amount of time) for the past 4-5 days.

    I feel really anxious, but I think it's mostly to do with I'm not sure what's going on. I don't feel weak or dizzy or anything else. Should I wait to see if it couldve been the pepto? Or does it merit a trip back to the ER?

    Also, I forgot to mention when I was at the ER I was prescribed Albuterol because of my wheezing... I thought it was just a cold but the doc said it's asthma. I dont think theyre related but I thought I'd mention it.
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    Pepto can turn your stool black, Zofran does not. Just to make you even more cheerful...nausea and change in bowel habits, along with coughing up blood can be a symptom of lung cancer:) Not that you have lung cancer, but its just an example of just how many fun things you could have going on in there.

    Stop the pepto, and, if you continue to have black stools get back to the ER.


    You're starting to make me feel healthy LOL! I hope you can find out what is actually going on soon.
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    I can only speak from my experience and mine alone. I dont have any science to back it up so take this at face value, but smoking weed actually helps me.

    I have had acid reflux for almost 2 years now and I have taken everything from Pepcid AC to Nexium to Prevacid. I believed I might have gotten an ulcer so I desided to take the nexium because I was told it prevents acid reflux and at the same time it heals any ulcers that might be or are starting. Now here is where the weed comes in. Every night I wake up around 4:30-5am with terrible indigestion. It feels like I have a fire going on in my stomach and my esophagus and I take some tums and I also smoke a bowl. The tums kinda turns down the fire but the tums make my stomach feel real quizzy like I wanna throw up and usually I do if I dont smoke that bowl. The weed makes my stomach settle down so instead of throwing up I just feel hungry and usually I can ignore it and go back to sleep. As for if it actually helps heal ulcers, I cant answer that. However, what I can tell you is that it helps in combating it and makes it easier to live with when you have no health insurance.

    Oh and btw, I am taking prilosec and now I am at a point that I only have to take it once every 2-3 days. So I am getting better if that is any indication as to if weed helps with ulcers.
  17. Thanks for the info guys. It very well could still be an ulcer, but whatever it is Zofran double dose isn't helping. I went to the urgent care last night again, cuz the pharmacy guy at walgreens said I should double check to make sure everything was ok (the zofran not working, the black stool). Same old same old. They didnt run any tests cuz they were about to close, gave me a shot that was supposed to kill the nausea (it sorta helped) and sent me on my way. Im supposed to go back today if the Zofran still isn't working and I can't eat... so I think I will.
  18. So I think its about time for an update!! I went back to my hometown on Monday to get some tests run, as it turns out I have appendicitus AND a 7mm polyp on my gallbladder, so Im getting them both taken out tomorrow!! Could've been worse I guess :rolleyes::D Gallbladder issues run in my family so I'm not terribly surprised.

    Anyway, after tomorrow I should be feeling a lot better!! Thanks to everyone that helped!!

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