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  1. I wanted to ask a question about marijuana tourism -- would you go to a state with legal weed and do a tour or event related to weed? I'm thinking dispensary tours, cooking or painting classes, etc.
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  2. Sure I would but not for just weed to 1 dimensional. I want more for my money like everbody else. One weed related activity is cool,but so many other options to explore and no need to get burnt out on 1 subject matter. Pun intended...
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  3. No, I wouldn't do those pot related tours. Nothing against anyone who would, I'm not a hater, but I feel the same way about any sort of guided tour groups. It makes me feel like a touristy sheep and I think they're extremely lame.

    It takes a little more research, but if you want to go to one of the recreational states, just find stuff you like to do. There's so much to see without being led around by some operator who is making money off you.
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  4. Good point! Do you put a lot of effort into planning a trip this way? just a follow up question
  5. It's so easy to find info online. First place you want to look up of course are the good pot shops. Then find out how you get around without having to rent a car, if you don't use Uber.

    If you're thinking about Colorado, I suggest Boulder area, since there are a lot of outdoorsy things, concerts, and entertainment and it's easy to get on the bus from the airport, go to Denver, etc on public transportation. And you can just walk around Pearl street and people watch.
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  6. I'd do it if it was a camping trip with guided fishing. Cannabis infused glamping?
  7. Search on google, It's so easy to find info online.
  8. Nope I’d go buy as much as I could and head back home.
  9. Brass & TTS's Excellent 420 Adventure and Cross Country Road Trip
    Here is my 420 Road trip from east to west a couple of weeks ago.
    Spent several days in Colorado wandering from weed shop to shop.

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