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Marijuana and the Zombie Apocalypse...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ranger Smith, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. Last saturday morning I was in bed watching The Walking Dead, waiting for my mom to leave so I could start up my wake and bake, and I was thinking... what would marijuana be like in the zombie apocalypse?

    First off, you would have basically unlimited bud. If you were in California, you and your team of survivors could bust down the doors to all the dispensaries, and gather all the bud you could carry. If someone beat you to it, there are still countless places to find free bud. Imagine going to a grow-house and picking all of the beautiful buds you could!

    I think the most awesome thing would be like in the last episode of season 1 of walking dead where they go to the center of disease control... that underground place with EVERYTHING. Imagine taking like 10 pounds of bud to that place, and spending like a month doing nothing but smoking weed with your group of survivors and watching movies, playing games, and eating.

    But the time would come when you'd have to face those zombies. That's why I would take a big hit of northern lights and blow it right in their face. You know how they say the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain? Well from personal experience I know that just about any sativa strain will do just that... especially out of a GB :hello:

    Don't you guys agree that if the zombie apocalypse happened, gathering all of the marijuana you could find, blazing, shooting shit, and chilling would make it all KIND of cool?
  2. Im all excited like this shit is actually going to happen one day. :/
  3. yea, but it is very unrealistic.
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  4. You think people get too paranoid about getting busted?

    If zombies do happen, I wont let drugs into my fort. Ive seen people freak out over cops. I dont want to see what happens when its flesh eating zombies.
  5. that sounds awesome... besides the fact that everyone would be dead
  6. If you're talkin bout BACK FROM THE DEAD ZOMBIES its very unrealistic...if you've seen the movie I Am Legend I believe that's a more believable scenario...the "zombie apocalypse" will be the aftermath of something the government creates
  7. You better believe I'd raid the nearest dunhams, and hydro store... and take refuge in a walmart... I'd be set for like months...
  8. You aren't too smart bro. When the zombie apocalypse happens all the workers at the dispensary are going to take there weed with them.

    People with big grow houses/farms usually have big guns. Probably bigger then yours. Not to mention they will probably have like half of there family there because they have free weed.

    And i think you are forgetting that weed doesn't come from nowhere. If there was a zombie apocalypse everyone would want to smoke but nobody would want to stay in one place long enough to grow. Within the year nobody would have weed. Except for the people growing it themselves. Dealers probably wouldn't even try to sell.

    I think you are also forgetting the fact that you are probably gonna die first.
  9. i think weed would be very very limited and if you could even find it you would have to rob it off someone or give them something pretty fucking good for it
  10. weed would be limited unless you grew it.
  11. The problem is we would run out of food really fast. And if we had to fight them off or make an escape we might be to high.
  12. I'd embrace them... ak47 in hand and blunt burning in my mouth. Gotta keep the whole end of the world edge off ;-)

  13. noobs go to walmart
    pros go to Costco.
    EVERYTHiNG plus the only store rooms they have are ones filled with cigs and rillos and the other storage room has all the cameras/ipods in it. I know a bunch about costco so i'd be set for hellas. I'd make a fort in the high rises, and they have gardening supplies, not to mention everything you need to create a society WITHIN the Costco. I will start a new indian tribe. We will be called the Whatchatalkinaboutjimmy clan. I will be the chief and smoke the grand ceremonial pipe (it's gonna be in the shape of a chimera) and then go watch tv on like 60 big screens.

    I'm pretty baked
  14. 1. Loot grow-ops/dealers/dispensaries.
    2. Loot multiple gas stations/corner stores for cigarettes, papers and lighters.
    3. Loot Costco(s) for everything else.

  15. Agreed Noobs go to walmart. zombie apocalypse breaks out. Walmart is full of instant fucking zombies. it would be hell trying to rid that place and make it safe.

    and I just imagined your costco utopia. Sitting in lawn chairs like high up. big screen tvs hanging from the ceilings. it would be like an advanced jungle system, where you never touch the ground. zombies get shot on site from high up. then you play COD zombies to keep your skills sharp
  16. You think we do not plan these things? I am stealing the bus from across the road in the factory then you can drive around be safe and grow in the back. I have many other plans but that is how I will get weed

  17. what's funny is you know the funky lookin zombies will be at walmart haha

    all the costcos around me have home depots right next door. So just in case i need lumber or special tools then ill make a stop over there.

    Can you tell even though really baked i have this all planned out?
  18. both of those ideas are fuckin dumb. Do you realize how many people think thats a good idea? There will be hundreds of people trying to take over walmart/k mart/ costco or whatever store you think is a good idea. Plus, howre you gonna barricade all those huge GLASS windows and doors?

    Read The Zombie Survival Guide, and if you still have the same plan and think its a good idea, let me know and ill be sure not to team up with you.
  19. Costco would be bad-ass, have you been in a costco before? It's a fucking WAREHOUSE. They have two doors to it... HUGE ASS rolling down steel doors. There is no way they would get in there.

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