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Marijuana and the Military

Discussion in 'General' started by WeedManJF, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. So basically me and a few buddys are all very interested in the military and are all about to enroll. We all smoke a good amount of pot and are all very curious, so hopfully i can get an answer from some one in the same situation. Question is: Is pot a major drug that is tested for when applying? I no the test for harder drugs but all of us are clean there, we are just worried about the weed. So is weed a big worry or are we ok to still smoke. Thanks
  2. Of course it is, it's illegal ain't it?
  3. The reason the question is being asked, is that i have about 4 friends that have all passed the test and have all had very high amounts of thc in their blood, as we are all daily smokers. People who actually no could you please reply, i dont want opinions from people who "think" they no. Thanks
  4. One of my daughter's friends enlisted, failed the drug test for THC, but they didn't deny him...they just made him come back and keep retaking the test until he passed one.

    Good luck to ya...hope it works out and you get in....is a good career move and much cheaper than college
  5. yea thanks for that, im thinking i should quit for a bit
  6. Yeah you have to be clean to be enrolled but they won't call the cops or anything if you fail lol. But, people who actually go to places like the Middle East smoke alot of weed, a guy who lived in my house for like 6 years and a family friend went into the military and got shipped over there and would send us all kinds of video's of him frying on mushrooms smoking out of a hookah.
  7. oil and water, bro

  8. Well, if this is something you truly want to do, then I would agree...you have a whole lifetime ahead of you. It's up to you to choose the path you take...if you enlist and find a career you want, you can always pick up smoking again later on down the road. It'll never be too late to smoke again, but choosing your future has to come now, because later on, it could be too late to make that type of decision and you may end up stuck in a dead end job...or several... bouncing from job to job just trying to get by.
  9. I don't think the Marines will take you if they detect and illicit substances. But the Army might.
  10. Here's a good reason to join :D But yeah I don't understand your question fully. Will you be able to smoke in the military? The answer to that would be a no. You might get away with a joint on leave but you won't be smoking around the barracks and shit, lol.

    [ame=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=721_1181713020]LiveLeak.com - Field Of Dreams - Afghanistan[/ame]
  11. lol noo my question was should i quit pot so i can pass the initial test. I have a few buddys who have smoked the day befor their test and passed, so i wasn't sure if they dont test for weed or if they just got lucky.
  12. If you're planning no enlisting and going straight to boot camp and all that jazz the military will most likely take you but they DO frown upon smoking bud and do have the authority to kick you out if they catch you smoking weed.

    If you're going to enlist in the army and have them pay for you college so when you actually get to the army you'll be an officer (good idea if you're serious about this) then you can't smoke pot. I know people who have failed a random UA and were kicked out and had to owe the government thousands upon thousands of dollars that were essentially *wasted* in the governments eyes on you.
  13. As far as I know you get tested once ever. That's the test you're talking about.

    Buy detox stuff and lay off the herb a few weeks should pass A- O -K. Do a search for detox on this forum tons of great info for cleaning yourself up.
  14. Yes, you should quit. My friend tried applying and failed for THC. This was the army btw.

    Though his recruiter gave him some niacin, and he still failed
  15. i am a marine so this is first hand absolutly true info for you. the recruters will sweep it under thr rug as best they can provided you can pass the drug test when you acctually go to enlist. its their job to get you in nomatter what but if you fail that test you will most definatly have to take it again and again till you pass. if you get caught even one time after you enlist, thats it, game over. you will be discharged and thats that. one of my best friends in the marines popped for thc on a random drug test even after he used a gnc detox drink and they canned his ass soo fast. the military dont mess around with anything that the americas sorry ass excuse for a government tells them is bad. dont take the chance if your serious about joining.

  16. Yeah, if you fail the test. The recruiter will try to find a way for you to pass the test. They are desperate for new recruits.
  17. If you join the miltary, you cannot use any drugs for 4-20 years. Dishonorable discharge is not good.

    I am currently enrolled in DEP and my husband and sister are both marines. Up until a month ago you could have failed one time for your recruiter and been ok, but since the economy is soo bad and theres a very high rate of people enlisting they are cutting down. If you fail a test at any time by your recruiter or by MEPS you WILL NEVER EVER be allowed to join any military branch. The gunnery sgt at the recruiting office just explained this too me, and since i have a ged i have to go and get college credit as well now or im uneligible. Last year this time that was not so. They are making it very very difficult. If you seriously wanna join then stop smokin.
  19. I joined the Army as 11B (or Infantry for those of you not military savvy) and successfully passed my urine screening tests using Herbal Clean from GNC...

    Since then I've recommended it to a buddy who has to piss every week for his rehabilitation class and he's never failed... He also smokes as close as 2 hours prior to his test and still passes.

    My girlfriend also used it to pass her test for her job at Lockheed Martin.
  20. Clean up, definitely. You're lucky that they're not allowed to take you out back and shoot you anymore haha

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