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Marijuana and the heart

Discussion in 'General' started by POWskier, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I was wondering, can marijuana trigger heart attacks with people that have a poor heart?

    Would running, be worse than smoking for this person?

    I am currently experiencing some issues with my heart, most likely harmless but still, I am being cautious and not smoking. Plus I am need in a much needed T-break:D

    Post up facts, and your views because I'm interested.
  2. I'd probably say if marijuana would trigger it, most likely anything else that increases your heart rate would have done the same.
  3. My dad has an enlarged heart and has had a major heart attack and smokes bud every day with no problems. My uncle has also had a heart attack and smokes without a problem.
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    ^^^ damn, I have been experiencing palpitations, however I am a healthy guy 18 years old. I talked to a Doctor, he basically said I shouldn't worry about it, since I never have had a big attack, or noticed marijuana being the trigger. haha starting to want to toke up again. Probably will to tell the truth.

    What do you guys think about me toking up? Next thing I want is Breaking news on fox "Teen od's on super bud and dies due to heart failure."

    Still seeing cardiologist thoguh
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    breaking up nug
  6. Smoking could.

    I doubt marijuana by itself could.

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