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Marijuana and the army

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Thatnerdstoner, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. With marijuana being legalized do you think it will no longer get you discharged for having it in your system during drug tests and do you think we'd ever be able to smoke Even on base?

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  2. Likely not until many years after it's legal on a federal level. :smoke:
  3. our greatgrandkids MAY get away with it...not the current 18-35's
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    Right now there are less then a majority of states with medical marijuana and only 2 with recreational marijuana, when these numbers are looking more like 50 then laws will change.
  5. Never. It compromises your ability to react to a situation. you or a friend might get injured or even die if your on it. I wouldn't be surprised to see all drugs illegal while in the military, but that's my take. Everyone should be sober while on duty/in the field
  6. Yeah if you're in combat. What's your take if your enlisted but working from your home/base? I would definitely would want to be sober in combat except the poppy that insurgents smoke before "battle"  :laughing:  but I agree about risking your teams safety so that would have to be a solo mission  :devious:
  7. It's policies, not laws. The US military enforces it's own policies, and even if weed were legal federally, they don't have to allow their soldiers the privilege to smoke it. I sure in time, policies would change, especially if research would be conducted to show its benefit for a solider.
  8. Marijuana will never be legal for the military.  They will always drug test for it.  There is no way in the forseeable future they would allow it.  When I was in, they banned many things that weren't banned anywhere else.  Here's a good example: that k2 spice stuff.  Wasn't illegal for a long time to the public but it was banned by the military almost from the get go. Military members are expected to be ready 24/7, and weed is not conducive to that life.
  9. Yet alcohol is conductive to that life?
  10. Yup because I followed the rules. I didn't make them.

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  11. Very few people want to kill while high. That was part of the campaign to get it made illegal. It turns people into pacifists. lol.
  12. Never said you did.

    However your logic is it won't be allowed when weed becomes legal, when there is legal intoxicants already used.

    When alcohol can cause cognition problems, coordination, leaves side effects the next day... While weed does not.

    It doesn't seem likely policies will remain the same forever.
  13. It will be a long time after it becomes federally legal. So not in our lifetime

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  14. It will be a long time. I agree. You said it would never happen though. Two huge differences :p
  15. You are right. I suppose it could happen someday. Nothing wrong with a childhood sense of wonder ;)

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  16. It may become ok not too long after becoming legal and saliva tests are stocked.
    Technically for a lot of military career fields, they can't consume alcohol 8 hours prior to duty. I can envision a similiar rule for herb. :smoke:
  17. I understand the desire if your reserve, not on duty, etc, but the fact is if your in the military, your in the military and you never know what or when something might pop-off, so you have to be ready. That's the idea at least. Not agreeing with or disagreeing with reserve/non-active duty testing or what not, but you have to think - your the second line of defense after the first, and no one truly wants you to be high if your defending US. 
  18. they should encourage it for the people with ptsd associated with violence and hurting other humans. that type of shit puts you in a bad place that needs to be dealt with. cannabis helps better than anything offered now in the army

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