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  1. For all my fellow stoners please give your opinion on the Marijuana laws in Texas and where the state is going to be in a few years?
  2. I was actually thinking about this the other day. Texas is far behind the bend when it comes to stuff like this. Most people don't even know about the marijuana decriminalization and legalization movement/arguments. I don't think it will be legal for another 10 years or more. Texas will probably be one of the last to legalize, right before Alabama and Utah.
  3. Yeah, It's gonna be a while for Texas. It pisses me off. Got caught with a J twice, went to jail both times, spent about 6k in lawyer/legal fees.

    Texas has that "Don't mess with Texas" shit going on. A lot of the people here are close extremely closed minded. Yeah, it is gonna be a while. It's okay though, I'll keep smoking :smoke:
  4. Won't we all =D just got some badass ak =D:smoke:
  5. They will NEVER vote to legalize unless forced... lived here tooooo long.
  6. texans are extremely ignorant when it comes to cannabis. except for this texan of course. i'll be moving to colorado as soon as they legalize anyway
  7. unfortunately our best hopes lay in two very famous people... with that said I should also say that the word "unfortunately" was used due to the negative press both of these men recieve and not b/c they are bad people (in reality, I think they are two of the smartest guys in Texas).

    Barry Cooper (running for attorney General of Texas, And Congressman Ron Paul). Now barry has said that although he will not be able to make laws as AG of Texas, his office oversees every lawsuit that is against the jails and he will award people convicted of marijuana charges the money so that prison systems will be paying so much that they will be forced to release the non-violent offenders bc they are paying too much for lawsuits from people that shouldnt be there in the first place. And with all new marijuana cases, he has said that he will find every charge to be that of an illegal search so that the cops realize that it is pointless to even take a person to jail for a weed charge, so that it frees them up to stop real crimes. AND Ron Paul wants people to be free to do as they please, as long as it does not step on anyone elses toes (the way it should have always been!). But media pictures this man as a lunatic who wants to not let women vote or go back to having slaves and this is just simply a lie that they portray to get people rawled up to distract from what he really means when he talks of bringing the USA back to what the constitution really was supposed to mean, and not what all these fatcats in Washington and all around in government have made it out to say.

    If maybe Barry wins, I see a chance for some light at the end of the most difficult tunnel. Ron has not been able to do anything for a pretty long time now and is just looked as a laugh by congress. But keeping him there in place does help when TX finally has a shot at a good bill being put forth, so we cant lose him for that reason.
    But Barry will show the state, the police, the justice system even in the small stuck in time towns (williamson County esp.) that no matter how many cases are brought up on people while he's in office, no matter where it happens in Texas he will award the prosecuted and the p.d.'s will start lossing money insted of making money off of dumb marijuana charges... Its funny b/c the more they bust people, they will get no convictions/they will lose all the money it takes to prosecute then carry the sentence out, and everyone of the prick assholes that are all getting hard over busting little teenagers (and ruining their joke there) will be put in the hell that smokers have been in for 70 years of prohabition. BA HA HA HA,

    So there is our best shot... I just dont think enough people (stoners in texas) are going to go get a voter registration card and then actually go vote for the guy come november elections? but who knows, maybe people in texas are actually going to do something here insted of just bitch and whine about the injustice bc of all the old people that run this state when we stoners do have a shot to make a differnce here. But Barry needs a PR person, bc not too many people are getting the info on him.

    so theres my humble opinion... hope you got something from the rambling
  8. Its rarely tolerated. Since most of texas are small towns struggling to get revenue, weed is a cash cow even to them. Plus the cops are just assholes
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    Fuck Texas. I hate this state so much. Not even close to weed friendly. Probably wont be for the rest of time. Gone to jail too many times for nothing. Everywhere else I go outside the state seems like paradise to me.
  10. i got some good fucking news for texas!!!!!!!! check out texas compasionate care... there is a damn good chance we will have medical marijuana here soon. i would link it but i am lazy...awww fuck it, ill look it up right now for you, please help this go forward though! here you go guys/gals:hello:
  11. So texas blades let me get this straight, the typical attitude in your state is as follows (advance apologies for the stereotyping, I can't help myself):


    I can't stand the attitude of my state (Virginia) towards these important matters either :(. They are pretty much the exact same.

  12. is that how i sound? why would you quote me then use a dialect from a backwoods hillbilly, and then to make a retarded statement such as that when you (yourself) are from virginia? where do you get off? really, not being a smart ass, but the rest of the states would gladly choose tx over virginia...JUST CAN'T HELP MY SELF:D
  13. And yes toward getting mexi swag outta this state!
  14. Decrim has already been instated in Texas. As per Texas state law, At the descretion of the officer, they are allowed to issue a non arrest fine/ticket for weed. Unfortunately only Travis county has chosen to excersize this law. So I sit here hearing the county officials bitch about how they need several million dollars to build a new jail while they unnessisarily waste money and jailspace prosecuting simple offenders. So yeah Texas sucks. I wont be living here or in Oklahoma when I have a chance. Colorado is where its at.
  15. I can't workout why every state in the US doesn't just legalize weed. The amount of money generated from the taxation of it would be hugely beneficial, especially during this 'global economic recession' that shows no end of stopping.

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