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Marijuana and Stem Cell Transplant

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by OmNomMunchies, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone, my question is simple but I’ll explain below. Is it safe to toke after a stem cell transplant? So here’s the story, I’ll try not to make it too long:

    I went in for a stem cell transplant on July 12th, and got out August 3rd, somehow. All my blood counts are fine, my hair isn’t falling out, but both my doctor and my oncologist said that I can’t smoke marijuana ever again, because it can do something to my lungs or there’s some kind of chemical or something that could supposedly seriously harm and/or kill me. They said I can use a vaporizer, but my vaporizer both doesn’t work well and no matter how long I use it for, I never actually get a high. So I’m wasting weed whenever I use it. It’s the Snoop Dogg GPen, it’s the only one my local headshop sold that would work with dry herb. Medical bills are over a few million dollars and I can’t afford to buy a $150 dollar vaporizer, I just wanna hit the bowl like once, but I’m afraid if I do I’m gonna like go back inside and like drop dead on my living room floor. I can’t afford to get the ingredients/supplies for cannabutter/oil/milk because of medical bills, and I can’t go back to work until March of next year.

    Any input? I’m about a week or so out of the transplant and I feel perfectly fine.
  2. I'm skeptical of the medical advice you are getting, unless it comes from a doc with cannabis expertise. From what I've read, smoking MJ helps lung cancer.

    Consider making yourself some very easy edibles.

    Prepare the herb as follows:
    (1) Decarb the herb using an oven or toaster oven. 240 F for 40 min works well, using an oven thermometer.
    (2) Grind to powder using a coffee grinder.

    Here are two simple things you can do after the herb has gone thru those two steps.
    (1) Mix ground, decarbed herb with nut butter or nutella, spread onto something, and eat.
    (2) Mix ground, decarbed herb into any brownie, cookie mix/recipe.
    These two, plus everclear tincture are about all the edibles I ever do, and I've tried dozens of recipes.

    Keep careful track of how much herb goes into how many final servings. Otherwise dosing will be a problem. I usually mix 1 g herb with 16 g nutella when doing (1), and spread onto a couple of cracker sandwiches, to produce four approximately (0.15)*(1,000 mg)/4 = 37 mg thc sanwiches. Then a fraction of a sandwich can be used as a dose for a new user.

    Sorry to hear that cost is a big issue, but you can do (1) with 1 g herb, and (2) with 5 g or so.
    Edibles take 1-2 hours to kick in, and usually last 5-9 hours.
  3. Shit, I forgot to mention this wasn’t lung cancer. I have Stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 3rd time beating it. They didn’t mention lung cancer, but they said if I smoke that I could possibly have to get a lung transplant. And it’s a children’s hospital. Yes I got treated at a children’s hospital and I’m 21 lol, I’ve been going there since I was first diagnosed at 19. As for edibles, I HAVE made firecrackers w/o decarbing my bud and it did work, unfortunately I’m out of crackers at the moment lol. Money isn’t a HUGE issue, I just don’t have any right now and when I do get some it’s usually not a lot because of bills both medical and other. I also fear I’d fuck up the decarbing process. I’ve read a lot about it but I don’t have a toaster oven, just a regular range/oven. See, the problem with edibles is the process/time. I want something I can literally just toss ground up bud in and that’s it. I was able to make chili the other night and put like 4g in it before it started cooking and I was high well into the next day, so that was a plus. The decarbing is the main issue. I know decarbing it helps activate the THC, but is it 100% necessary? Will mixing ground up bud in brownie mix be pointless? I don’t even have a scale to measure my bud ahaha, I kinda just eyeball it and I get it from a friend so I have no idea of the thc content. All I know is it’s some wicked smelling stuff, I could smell it from like 20ft away even when it was in a plastic bag! I mean could you explain step by step the decarbing process and what exactly I need? Will it smell? My oven is electric, not gas, does that make a difference?
  4. Didn't mean to imply that you had lung cancer, just that using cannabis for it has been claimed to be beneficial, which is counter-intuitive for most people.
    The firecrackers you made will be similar to what I'm recommending. I call the nut butter/nutella stuff above "firecracker spread," because it was inspired by firecracker recipes, and turned out to a little more potent than firecrackers.
    Just adding un-decarbed herb to a brownie mix will work to some extent, just not as efficiently as original decarb. There will be uneven, unpredictable temps thruout the brownie mix as it bakes, which will make decarb inefficient.
    I just measured 1 level, packed measuring teaspoon of herb powder, and it was 1.6 g, so 1 tablespoon of this would be almost 5 g. You can use volume instead of weight to measure the herb.
    Decarb is actually fairly easy, but will make your house reek. Some people use oven bags to try to contain the smell. Others use mason jars (they're not air tight) for smell reduction.
    Just break the herb up into pieces of almost any size, and bake at 240 F for 40 min. An oven thermometer should be used to verify temp, but even an imperfect decarb will still be pretty good, so not having a thermometer is still ok.
    After decarb, grind to powder for better absorption, mix with anything (oily is better), and use. With oil/nut butter, it might get a little stronger over time, as more oil penetrates the herb particles' interiors, and makes them more digestible.
  5. Okay. That’s actually quite useful. It sucks though because I live in like a small community and if it’s gonna reek I don’t want anyone smelling it. Now here’s another question: I wanted to make cannamilk because I heard it works extremely well. I don’t have a double boiler or a pot that will fit just right in the pot we already have. Is there a way to make the cannamilk without a double boiler? I read about direct low flame but I mean I don’t wanna fuck it up in the end. And I don’t have cheesecloth, could I use a regular metal pasta strainer?
  6. Have never made cannamilk, but can almost guarantee that it's as strong as these. As I said above, if you make strained oil, you will lose half the potency. I never strain anything I make, except ethanol tincture.
  7. Well from what I’ve read, cannamilk is just heavy cream, whole milk, and ground bud. You’re supposed to mix the cream and milk together and slowly heat it while mixing in the ground bud, and let it simmer for like 2-3 hours. And straining you’re only straining the liquid from the ground product, so you’re not getting the bud in the milk. Only problem is again no double boiler. So idk lol. But I CAN mix it into brownie mix without decarbing it? How effective will it be?
  8. you can put ground bud in brownie mix and it should work. But if you decarbed you would notice the difference. Have you considered making a batch of cannabutter or canna-coconut oil? You could put that ish in/on just about anything when it's done. If you got a crock pot you just put the ground bud and the butter/oil in there and leave it for a day and strain it.
  9. I DO have a crockpot, only thing is it’s wonky when it comes to cooking. Like I’ll set it on high for 4 hours and it’ll take like close to 3 hours until the food is actually warm. But if you have any instructions on how to use a crockpot I mean I’ll look into giving it a try. Don’t really feel comfortable having to wait a day given the fact that I’d be asleep and unable to stir anything.
  10. If you don't decarb, you won't get good stuff. If you strain out the plant matter, what's left will contain only half the medicine. This is easy, just decarb, grind, mix, eat.
  11. I know, I guess I could give it a try. How exactly do I go upon doing this? Do I put whatever on a cookie sheet or do I have to wrap it in foil or something? I’d want as little smell as possible but I mean if it’s gonna smell it’s gonna smell, I just don’t want it to be overpowering to the point where you could smell it from 50ft away. And I don’t want to waste whatever bud I have left, so I’d want to make this in one shot.
  12. I barely stirred mine, just before bed and in the morning. Some may disagree with not stirring tho. I think I accidentally had it on high for a few hours and came in on it bubbling and boiling, just turned it down to low. I personally just like the crock pot method because I'm lazy, there's not really a way to mess it up, and the longer I wait, the better the butter. Complimenting said laziness. Also 8 hours should also work well if you don't want it going overnight.

    For decarbing, just put it on a cookie sheet, you could put foil under the bud for the pan's sake if you want to but it really doesn't matter. I live in an apartment and nobody could smell anything until they came inside. Or at least I think so because no neighbor, landlord, or cop has come to ask and it's been months.
  13. Okay. I’m lazy too lol, do you think you could provide a simple but detailed step by step guide on how to both decarbing and use a crockpot? Like ingredients, supplies, everything?
  14. Disclaimer, it's been a while.
    Supplies: bud, butter/coconut oil (some say 16oz of butter per oz of weed but you can do whatever ratio you want to suit your tolerance), grinder, crock pot, strainer (the more fine the better. I've seen people pour their butter through a big strainer and then again through a fine mesh or coffee filter to get the itty bitty pieces of weed out.), and a container to put butter in (I used Tupperware)

    1. Put your butter in the crockpot on low, grind up your bud, and put your pot in the pot after the butter has melted over the entire bottom. This prevents direct contact of the bud and the dry hot surface but the butter does not need to be 100% melted either.
    Note: you can put a cup of water in the crock pot as well to keep it cool, and add some as it simmers. But this will mean separating the water and the butter in the end. That isn't too hard but it is an extra step.

    2. Put that bitch on low for at least 8 hours. However, the longer you give it the more cannabinoids will be infused in the butter. Stir occasionally, agitation can benefit infusion. Like with making QWISO or hash, agitation will break off trichomes, but will break the plant material apart as well. but with using ground bud, that last point becomes less relevant.

    3. Turn off the crock pot, take the actual pot of the crock pot out and give it a final stir. Pour through your strainer into your container, if it's plastic, make sure your butter is cool enough to not melt it, just let it sit for a few minutes. I used plastic Tupperware and that wasn't even an issue, i just felt i should say that because safety lolol. If it's glass make sure it's warm and won't break under the sudden heat. Safety, people.

    4. When it seems like all the butter has gone through, take a spoon and press it down on your bud to squeeze out any excess. You can press our plant material by doing this, this is why some people will double filter though a fine mesh filter or something. First strain for big stuff, second strain for little bits. (I didn't do this and there was definitely some plant stuff in there, but not a lot at all and certainly not enough for me to care. Not to mention it'll sink to the bottom of your container)

    5. Throw those nasty buttery buds away when you're done.

    6. Put your container in the fridge and let it cool. If you put water inside your crock pot, it will form a layer on the top of your butter after it hardens. Break it off, pour it off, lift the butter out, just separate them some how some way. THC is not soluble in water so you will not lose product.

    Substitute this green stuff with butter/oil in just about any recipe. Or just spread it on toast. Or, hell, just eat straight cannabutter because 'Murcia.

    Again it has been a while and I'm going mostly off of memory, so if anybody else does this and I spat pure blasphemy please lemme know.

    For decarbing, place your buds on a cookie sheet or some oven-safe pan, they don't have to be ground up, but breaking into small- ish pieces will help. Especially if you got some super fatty nugs. The temperature is around 220-240 Fahrenheit. But you should definitely do a quick google search for that because I really don't know to be exact and can't remember what temperature I used to decarb. Give them 40-45 minutes in the oven and voila . Decarbed and crisp
  15. And also DO NOT try to melt/soften your finished cannabutter in the microwave. I haven't done it, but everywhere/everyone says not to and it doesn't seem that illogical to me that it can mess with the potency so I just don't.
  16. Those are some fucking perfect instructions. Finally I have a full set of directions rather than ‘put it in an oven and then make the butter and then put it in your food.’ Thank you sir. I will try this maybe tomorrow, I’m not sure, as I’m a little low on bud. Idk how much I have, all I know is I put everything in a standard CVS pill bottle and it’s about 90% full, and they’re small but wicked nugs. So idk if it’s even enough to make butter/oil.
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  17. Happy to help, totally understand where your coming from with the instructions. You could probably make some butter with what you have, but not a lot. Maybe use just a stick of butter? I mean you could make a lot of not-potent butter but that's just silly
  18. Oh no believe me, I’m looking to make a super potent whatever. Like if I could I’d make one super ass potent brownie. But when I mean potent I mean like stuck to the couch laughing at nothing potent. I’ve never gotten to that level. I’ve been to the level where the freak outs start But that’s about it. So hopefully these will do something because I’ve had brownies, lollipops, and cake pops, made by my dude, and they’ve never done anything to me. If you can recommend any super strong easy to make edibles go ahead ahaha, there’s a lot of shit going on in my life and I can’t even smoke to take the pain away.
  19. Well all you need to do is use less butter and you can make it stronger. More "concentrated" for lack of a better term. And it helps if you like your food a little extra... buttery lolol. Also best of luck with everything going on, despite my no context to it. You can make it
  20. Oh, why thank you lol. I’ve kinda made it, so far I’m cancer free I’m guessing, but my full recovery is still quite a long ways away. Can’t go anywhere until the end of October, after that I can start going to places with crowds of people, nothing major though, no concerts or sporting events. And I’ll have to get all my childhood vaccines again.

    But anyway yeah, one of my favorite things to eat with a lot of butter is pasta. Pasta, butter, and Parmesan cheese. And I’ll usually use 2 thick slices of butter and let them melt into the pasta. But yes, it’s very buttery. So use less butter? I have a stick and a half left, how much would you recommend I use, even if neither of us know the amount of THC in the actual bud/actual amount of bud I have left? It would be cool to make something that could kick my ass for an entire day ahaha, I just hope doing stuff wouldn’t kill the high. Still gotta walk the dogs, clean, wash, basic stuff.

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