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Marijuana and sleep

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by firstgrow, May 3, 2007.

  1. My favorite time to smoke is before I go to sleep. I have trouble falling asleep since I have so much on my mind all the time and I'm more of a night person than a morning person. I love going to sleep high. When I wake up (6AM) I usually feel good and have enough energy to get up right when I wake up and get going, however sometimes I wake up way too tired. I searched online for some info on sleeping and weed, but found nothing legit or informative. I would like to know if anyone here uses it to help them sleep and if there are any bad side effects to doing it every night.
  2. It doesnt help you sleep. Go to sleep sober...
  3. Actually, I second firstgrows notion. I was diagnosed with severe insomnia back when I was about 16 or so. I'm talking 50-60 hours at a time that I would be wide awake for hours. I partook in sleep studies, tried every medication under the market at the time, sleeping pills, relaxation excersizes, everything. Back before the Medical Marijuana laws were passed in CA, my Doctor shut the door, wrote down the name and number to his dealer (on his prescription pad, mind you) and told me to tell him "David sent me and that the first batch was on him.." (he called ahead to let the guy know I was coming).

    MJ saved my life...

    Thank you Dr. Dave! (full name unrevealed to protect the awesome-doctor's identity)

    I do not use it to help me sleep every night, just when I can't get to sleep for 2-3 days in a row, then I'll use it to lull me to sleep. It usually resets my circadian rhythms.

  4. That is awesome! :D

  5. Yes it can.

    For me, I have problems with stress and whatnot at night, because my mind is racing and I can't seem to settle down...

    a bowl or two later, I'm calm as can be, ready to sleep and have a good dream... and Iv had some awesome dreams from going to sleep high.
  6. for me THC it is great sleep inducer vs ambien or some pill that knocks you out sensless. I know too many people poppin pills just for a good nights sleep. If only they knew some Indica will do the trick. :eek:
  7. the "burn-out" stage puts me right out if i'm tired.
  8. This is true for alchohol, but MJ helps you relax and go to sleep. With alchohol you get sleepy but wake up about 4 hours later. Bad sleep.

  9. I smoke now and again before bed and it really helps. I sleep almost too good, but I wake up nice and refreshed.

    As opposed to my waking up sleepy and zombie-ish a few years back.
  10. i dunno i think it depends.. when im blazed i dont want to go to sleep because i dont want to waste my high. lol maybe if i had a steady FREE supply i wouldnt give a damn and knock out:)
  11. Thanks guys for the replys. theVirtuoso, I have the exact same thing.

    Im not talking about getting completely blazed and passing out. Just enough to get me a nice melllow high, so I can relax and fall asleep normally.

  12. I like how that was put. The "Burn-out" stage, after a while, the high wears down a little and your eyes droop a little. Good nug will make it hard to sleep right after smoking because it wires your brain up so much. Shwag always put me back to sleep if I would wake up during the night. Mind you, I'm a chronic stoner so going a night without a little bud can turn into a sleepless nightmare, but for one who doesn't use it recreationally. *Cough* Wtf did I just say? Oh my God, people are actually using it medicially?!

    It's funny how I read all over the internet how pharms are prescribed medicinally but end up used recreationally on a large scale, and here in a marijuana forum, we can discuss medical problems and solutions. Sorry, just smoked and I'm rambling a bit, but it does make you wonder who really needs to be in control of these nations. I feel it should be the people, as it's supposed to be. At least in America, laws are being made by a bunch of cranky old bastards with hidden agendas. I've begun to think the congress is composed of all of the kids that got picked on in high school so they studied, passed and started running the country. Some of them wouldn't know a good idea if it hit them in the lungs, and even scarier is that a few can't even tell when a very very fucking BAD idea has hit them.
  13. thats one of the best posts ive read on the topic. and i noticed that you were high when you typed it proving that marijuana doesnt make you dumb
    thank you:hello:
  14. Weed always makes for nice dreams.
  15. THC tells the brain to make more melatonin which is the chemical that helps you sleep, that is where u get the tiredness from
  16. Let's see where to start, hmm... well to begin my response I will start with the notification that it is 4:46am my time an I can not seem to fall asleep. Usually I smoke before I sleep and I wake up with lot's of energy, but yes once in awhile it does take me sometime to get up but that's just what happens. I always get a good sleep if I smoke before I crawl into bed, but as of right now I am dry an every reaction has an equal an opposite reaction which causes me to be awake right now, an I feel for you Firstgrow, my mind runs a million miles an hour. I might think to much. =/
  17. its called racing thoughts:) i have it to
  18. I have had insomnia for years now and weed does get me to sleep better than any pill ive ever tried. I would only recommend it as a last resort though because you start to become dependant on it just to get to sleep.

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