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Marijuana and sea sickness

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by lil_poot, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. does anybody have any experience with marijuana and sea sickness? i dont normally get sea sick but last time we went 10 miles off shore i ended up getting sea sick :( and was wondering if any one has any experience with this if it works or not. also if it would be better to smoke or eat some kind of edible. so what is every ones views on this? for those of you that dont know what sea sickness is it is a form of motion sickness caused by the fluid in your ear telling your brain your moving and your body telling your brain that you are not moving.
  2. I haven't ever been sea sick, but I did get motion sickness at the fair recently. I rode every big ride there was and of all things, I made myself sick riding the teacups with my kids, lol. Anyway, I left the kids with my husband and snuck off to smoke a joint and felt totally better afterward. I've battled about every type of nausea and things that go along with (like migraine and overall icky feeling in my body) and MJ always helps. Smoking works best for me. I'm not always guaranteed to be able to hold down an edible when I'm sick, and smoking is just more efficient medically IMO. But other people may have different experiences. If you did do an edible, something like a tincture might be best because it's fast acting and less likely to be thrown up.
  3. ye after posting this i was thinking with like a cookie or some thing it would take a while so i would have to eat when i left the dock and by time i got sea sick it would be wore off. lol. has any one posted how to make like a breath spray out a tincture. or atleast a tincture with flavor.
  4. I'm sure storm crow or badkitty has a guide somewhere. Check out the stickies and posts by them and I bet you'll find something. You could probably follow the recipe for a tincture and then just melt a couple breath mints into the mix.
  5. yea. i could try that. maybe one of them will chime in on here.
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