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Marijuana and scuba diving

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by teh345, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if there are any risks to scuba diving stoned, it sounds like a lot of fun.:smoking:
  2. Try it, let us know :)
  3. im not sure but my dad used to scuba dive and he said because of the extreme pressure of the ocean you pump the equal amount of pressure into your lungs so they dont get crushed (rest of you is flesh and bone) and when you come up you have to be careful because your lungs can well pretty much explode. idk wht im trying to say but cause the pressure is fuckin ur lungs nd smoking well ye, make edibles for sure!
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    My friend was saying in his scuba class they say to not smoke cigs an hour or so before diving. I'm guessing it's the same for weed

    edit: just wanted to add that being impaired and underwater sounds like a terrible idea anyway
  5. I'd say don't do it. You have to breathe in and out in a special way and really focus on it in order to keep the pressure in your lungs at the right levels. I know if I was stoned I'd get into the diving and forget to focus, or panic that I'm forgetting and fuck something up. I'd say it's a bit risky
  6. Awful idea! just enjoy doing something without marijuana, seriously...
  7. Take edibles brah
  8. I hate to be racist....but you damn white people need to stop with these dumb ass ideas that will get you killed.
  9. Why make it a race thing. I know plenty of black lads who would toke then dive

  10. Stupid black/asian/Latino your gay
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    How do you even know he's white? So what if he is? If this was an attempt at a joke you failed, brah.
  12. I knew a journalist that went scuba diving after he got off a plane, the pressure caused him to become disoriented in the water...Seems like it would be a rather shitty way to go out, not like my brilliant idea of dying in an elevator to a two-story building, I mean, that idea is just fuckin' awesome.:cool:
  13. I'm a certified diver and you don't have to really breathe in a special way, you just have to make sure your breaths aren't too shallow, I don't think thats too difficult when your stoned.

    I'm not talking about smoking to the point that your baked out of your mind and then diving, I was just thinking of smoking a joint or 2 and then diving to enhance the experience. I wouldn't want to go diving if I was too stoned, that could definitely go wrong.
  14. I suggest waiting until your a really experienced diver in order to dive high. What if you mess up on your buoyancy, or forget to check your air-gage and run outa air, or go too deep?

    But I think the greatest danger is not being able to think quickly enough to respond if something goes wrong. Last time I dove, my reg (for you non-divers, the reg is the mouthpiece you breath out of) got yanked out of my mouth by some thick kelp, I stayed calm and grabbed my octo. Had I been high, I might very well have panicked and things might not have gone all that well...

    Seriously though, atleast for me, Scuba diving is one of the few things I really enjoy while doing sober, I don't really see the need to bring weed into every aspect of my life, especially the ones I enjoy perfectly well without it.
  15. yeah your right, suppose I forget a safety stop because I'm too baked..

    I geuss I could save the joint for back at the hotel lol:smoking:
  16. I ate an 8th of boomers and went scuba diving. Shit was bonkerrrs.

    Well I wasn't scuba diving, I was just at Ripley's walk thru aquarium at Myrtle Beach and the shit was BONKERS! lol
  17. I can't even imagine that being enjoyable, i like to be comfy when i'm high, maybe it's just me..
  18. Stick to snorkeling
  19. I smoked a joint before scubaing in the bahamas last month. Shit was dope. We were only at 50 feet though, I wouldn't fuck with drugs on any serious type of dive. (cave, current, shipwreck)

    The second I dropped into the water I realized there were 10+ foot reefsharks and a few bull sharks around us it was so crazy

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