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Marijuana and Pregnancy.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cannabisandlove, Nov 8, 2014.

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    You'll be fine. I'd rather you smoke weed while pregnant than drink or smoke cigs... Quote fro Study:
    All in all, weed is hardly harmful to a baby!
  3. Better than cigs or alcohol, but not a good idea.

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  4. what if you take an edible, won't that go straight into the babys system too and the baby would be on cloud 9 :laughing:
  5. what a responsible parent you are
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    REGARDLESS of what it is you're ingesting while pregnant, the rule of thumb is to steer clear. So no alcohol, no tobacco, no marijuana - no smoke in general, really. 
    Don't be that idiot parent who thinks marijuana is harmless to the unborn fetus while in the womb (without any real scientific proof), only to then realize once the baby is born that they have all of these defects. Would having to deal with a baby's issues for the rest of your life -  because of your negligence - really be worth how good it feels to be high for a couple of hours?  :confused_2:

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