Marijuana and predicting the future...

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  1. Sup blades, i was just readin the "little things you are good at thanks to weed" thread and a mindreading story came up and reminded me of something trippy ass that happend and we all know about.

    You all know the plane that went down in the Hudson river right? If not just search it up (i dont know how to embed a link :confused: )

    Anyways our family went on a trip to mexico for a christmas present and as we were in the mexican airport awaiting for our plane home to arrive me and my brother went to go get some food, while walking along that big ass window that showcases the runway i got a real strange feeling and urge to look out the window at a certain plane. It was a US Airways plane i then turned to my brother and told him that plane is gonna crash soon. He dismissed it and we went on our way.

    Barely over a week later it is reported that a US Airways plane has crash landed into the hudson river. :eek:

    To this day i cannot explain why i told him it was gonna go down

    At mexican airport
    Told bro the US Airways plane taxing on the runway was gonna go down
    Week later US Airways plane crash lands in hudson river

    Do you got any storys where you predicted the future? Heres the place to share em :smoke:
  2. i predicted 9/11 before it happened but turns out my clock was wrong

  3. I almost loled. Not quite.

    And whenever i get high i can predict the past!!!

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