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  1. So me and my mom got on the conversation of if i still smoke weed or not.. I told her im not gonna lie i do. And she said i can tell your telling the truth. And i was like yea i do when its about serious matters like this. Then she tells me it leads to other things. Why does everyone think that. People that do marijuana so much and never take a break yea it leads to other things for them cause there looking for a stronger high. But people like me. Who smokes everday until that tolerance is up then i take a 2 week t break to get it down. Yea maybe weed is a pussy drug to a coke head or meth head. BUt weed is enought for me. Yea ive tried coke, but i dont do coke. you know what im saying. Idk if this goes here but ive been wanting to get this off my chest for a while. And im not to sure where im going with it, im a little high right now, Just had 2 blunts to the dome.
  2. you said it yourself, studies show that marijuana users are more likely to start using harder drugs, just like you did. Although you might not be an addict, you used cocaine, and im presuming after you starting smoking, inadvertently making it a gateway drug
  3. i think if anything ciggaretes were my gateway drug
    after my first stoge i was like ahh i could smoke pot no prob or go get wasted no prob u kno
  4. Spot on. Only YOU can prove your doubters wrong by staying clean of other drugs.

  5. this is unrepresentative garbage. marijuana is NOT a "gateway" drug. as though there's nowhere else to start but jumping on the heroin bandwagon.

    of course no one would, they start small...alcohol and marijuana. No one wakes up one day and decides to be a crack head...there's a natural progression of people with addictive personalities that seek an escapist philosophy powered by drugs.

    if you're gonna push it, you need to elaborate your position, in the most mature, reasonable, INFORMED way possible.
  6. Really? Because I'm pretty sure he just said he wouldn't do hard drugs because he smokes pot, then talked about doing coke. And I said studies show, which in fact they do, that it is a gateway drug. "unrepresentative garbage" or not, it has been shown time and time again marijuana users are in fact more likely. You can argue over willpower all day, but the numbers are black and white.

    If you were to get an HONEST poll of marijuana users who never never indulge in another drug, and users who do, the results would be mind blowingly in favor of multiple drug use.
  7. You can't say that studies show that weed is a gateway drug. You can say that studies show that people often smoke weed before using other drugs and your opinion is that that makes weed a gateway drug. I kind of have a problem with the term gateway drug just because it's a dumb concept to me. The only thing about it is that if you are around weed, an illegal substance you are more likely to be in contact with other illegal substances that someone who does not smoke weed. Does that make weed a gateway drug? I don't know but it's not hard to smoke weed and keep yourself away from other drugs. I really don't think that by smoking weed, it affects whether or not someone will you use other drugs. I kind of think of it like this: The people who are gonna do the hardcore drugs obviously won't start out with them, they will work their way up to them, but there are plenty of people who smoke weed and steer themselves clear of the harder shit, so for them it's not a gateway to anything.

    Edit: I'll be surprised if anyone actually read this.
  8. I have serious issues with the word as well, and for the sake of argument pretty much agree with what you're saying.
  9. Well honestly... marijuana is a drug, and when you smoke it chances are you're going to be exposed to other drugs just because of that fact. It is only logical to say that smoking makes it much more likely for someone to run across other drugs, so it is up to the user to make responsible decisions when it comes to trying new things.

    Bottom line, marijuana does not cause a smoker to try new things, the smoker does. You decide to smoke the weed, you decide to do the line of coke; bud doesn't. The easiest way to not get sucked into anything is to be educated about what's out there.

  10. hey man... smokin weed leads me to a lotta shit, like my refrigerator or the ice cream place, but it def aint a gateway drug.

    i say we call pure human curiosity the gateway drug.... cus thats what got me smokin weed.

    its all political mind games bro.
  11. smokin weed and drinkins okay by me... over here its called crossfaded.... hmm..

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