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Marijuana and OCD

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sensi Enthused, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Hey. I have OCD and I find that after smoking, a lot of the anxiety from performing my rituals goes away. I don't feel compelled to do stupid random shiz anymore. Basically, I feel completely normal again. Thankfully, smoking the herb is my lifestyle :-D So I tend to be without my symptoms :smoke:. In general, it helps me focus more, too. Amazing plant, this marijuana. Never gonna to quit : ).
    Anyone else with OCD find smoking to be helpful? Or am I a lone case =-O.
  2. hey man.. i got ocd too.. but i have medication for it my ocd is never that bad... but i do notice that mj helps ....magical plant .. wonder cure... lol works wonders for everythin dont it?
  3. Yeah, I've taken drugs like Paxil, Celexa, and Lexapro for it. But nothing works better than the herb.
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  4. true dat :)....
  5. I have had OCD since i was three years old. I am now 19 and finally have been diagnosed and am taking Zoloft and going to therapy which are working great, but i also smoke everyday and it really does help with the anxiety, it also helps with my compulsions, my husband says it helps with my compulsions cause smoke makes me lazy ;) Anyway, i have been searching on the internet about smoking & OCD and i've read a lot about how smoking can eventually make you depressed, so i don't know...i think i am just going to continue smoking unless i see myself getting worse or depressed. Smoke just lets my mind relax, i have more obssesions than compulsions and when i smoke i finally feel relaxed, and normal!
  6. Well I know the first month I went into weed I spent a large sum of money, like 500-800 dollars and a friend matched me equally and smoked as much as possible everyday in blunts. I was so high for that month, so so high, we mixed a bag of dank in with a glass bowl most of the week too. It was insane, but the month after was horrible. I was broke and couldnt buy weed, and being high for a month you forget how bad being normal is. So becareful I guess :p

    I still havent solved this problem, I just buy a quad of dank every 3 days now. $100 every 3 days, lol.. fuck it , im so blazed
  7. yes, when i smoke for everyday for a couple of months being sober becomes a trip of its own...
  8. hmmm.. that was pretty off topic buddy
  9. I have OCD, anxiety, BPD, and COE. I've found smoking helps with them all. I can't go to big party or club with out first getting high or my anciety is so bad I shake. My OCD causes me to be over neat and orgnized and smoking takes care of that too. It stopes alot of my down swings with my BPD. With my COE the only time I want to eat now is when I'm high.
  10. I have never been diagnosed with OCD and have never been to the doctor for depression or anxiety, but I think I suffer from anxiety and some symptoms of OCD. I don't really do rituals but sometimes I obsessively clean and organize when I get stressed out and anxious. I think weed could possibly make it worse, it sometimes makes me feel depressed. But I am still high well over 50% of my waking hours.

    Jah Bless
  11. i have mild OCD not really a problem at all, but when i am stoned it triggers it off to a higher lvl (not much) i think smoking weed actually started my mild OCD, but i don't care, it definately does not help OCD
  12. i have ocd too. pot helps mass. not gonna go into my long story though.
  13. SWIM has Major depression and anxiety's Mary works wonders on him.
  14. Weed is like a miracle drug for OCD, at least for me. I'm on meds as well but nothing shuts down the obsessions like weed. My emotions and mind feel free to move on from whatever is bothering me. Sometimes the side effects make me anxious though, like if I start getting a cough or sinus infection. Anyone else get those problems?
  15. If my OCD is under control, my high will be awesome. If my OCD is not under control, toking up will usually make it worse. One time I was afraid I was going blind.
  16. I have depression and anxietys, never diagnosed with OCD. MJ helps me with withdrawal side effects of coming down on anti-depressants (I'm trying to get off effexor -terrible drug).

    Anyhow, was wondering what strain or what kind of MJ has helped? I know something that is more sativa can bring on anxiety or paranoia, and that doesn't necessarily help the anxiety.

    I have to admit though, that after smoking everyday for a few months (little in evening to relax) and then not smoking at all, my depression lifted some after a couple of weeks.
  17. Go for more indica based strains... If you're trying to treat depression, try blueberry, or any other strain with highly euphoric effects.

    Edit: I'm bi-polar/OCD and have a bit of an anxiety problem... I just toke all the time and it's helped A LOT so long as my bud supply is constant and moderate. If I smoke too much the depression comes back, along with the anxiety, and I find my mood shifts rapidly. If I keep it moderate, though, it stays fairly regular - or at least a lot more controllable.
  18. Thx for the reply cottons! How would I go about finding what strains are 'euphoric'? I've been searching seed banks, but really only find info on indica/sativa percentages. I've heard a lot of good things about blueberry - perhaps I'll try that.
  19. hahaha werd :hello:

  20. On some seed banks it'll give a description of the buzz... I know has a lot of descriptions for the types of high you get with each strain.... But pretty much anything with blueberry will have strong euphoric effects... I stick with indica's a lot. I find they tend to mellow me out more than sativas, but sativas put me in better moods a lot of the times.

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