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Marijuana and my experience with it's effects on personality...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crazymonkey, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Hello, I am relatively knew to smoking, but have found myself on a non-stop smoking binge(sometimes three times a day, with cutting back to once a day occasionally) since starting last summer. As of late, my friends in college have cut-back or completely quit marijuana. Originally it started as a tolerance break, but as my friends started noticing how negatively pot effected their personality and academic performance(after seeing the other side of the fence) they have come to view pot as a personality killer and a performance inhibitor. While I, myself, didn't quit(and refused to admit quitting would change me), I did notice a change in my friends personalities. They were much more social, had a more unique quality to their character, and they were happier. They reached out to more people, and had an array of comments from old acquaintances such as "I never new that kid was so funny". They described to me the beauty of natural highs that marijuana masks, and the clearing of the fog of a blunt and boring life(when not high).

    Nearing a month of virtually no smoking, my friends are now finding a clarity to life they didn't know they were missing. I find this disturbing, because I could also be unaware of the changes pot has on my personality simply due to the fact that I haven't quit for more than a week at a time. Currently, I am striving to quit for two weeks and make a decision on whether it truly does effect me as an individual. This is currently day three. I'll provide feedback 11 days from now of the noticeable differences in my personality, and any other significant differences I might find. The results could be an enlightening experience for both myself, and many of you young and old tokers alike.

    Personally I recommend others to do the same and take a two week or longer break, just for the sake of discovering what pot really does to your being. One truly never knows quite how addicted to a drug he/she is until they attempt to quit. I would also appreciate any feedback from people who have had experience with this subject.
  2. I personally don't think you have any business joining a community just to tell people to take a break.

  3. I admit that may seem rude of me, considering I'm new and unfamiliar with the community, but it is merely a recommendation. I don't mean to criticise or undermine current users of the herb, I'm merely suggesting taking a break to better understand how pot effects one's self. I am particularly interested in any and all results on this subject as I have been unable to find much of anything other than my firsthand experiences.
  4. Everything you've said here is basically good info. When you abuse marijuana and smoke it all day everyday you will eventually adapt to its effects. This means more than just getting less high; you will actually start to associate being high with being happy and anything you then do while high you will start to associate with only being able to enjoy that activity whilst high. This starts a negative feedback loop that basically results in the person being unable to enjoy life fully without being high. This is the crux of a mental addiction.

    Quitting outright is just as bad as smoking all day every day. Everything in moderation is acceptable. But hey, if you feel like you're happier not smoking at all than smoking a little bit, then you shouldn't smoke. Marijuana should be used as a tool towards the end result of happiness; if you feel like it's hindering your happiness, then it's time to take a step back.
  5. I appreciate the thoughtful response. What you say makes sense and I will take it into account. I do find myself thoroughly enjoying the herb(mostly for how it treats my adhd), and I'd like to not give up the substance completely. Hopefully this experiment will help me gauge it's effects and provide a channel for responsible use.
  6. Marijuana should never control you - you should control marijuana. Marijuana should never be used to escape reality, only for recreational and/or medical purposes. Personally I avoid getting high when I'm around people that aren't; high people and sober people can't really connect and if you're the only one who's high that'll mean that you can't connect with other people, thus isolating yourself. My recommendation for you (for after your t-break) would be to only smoke a couple of hours before going to bed - that way marijuana can be a part of your life and you'll be able to function in "real life" :smoking:
  7. I don't think he is trying to force his idea unto others. It seems to me like he is trying to spread awareness, which is always a good thing.

    I have just come to one of the same realizations myself, I dont like who ive become since i started smoking multiple times daily. It used to be so much fun, but now its only holding me back.

    I'm not quitting, well at least thats what im saying today. My goal right now is just to take at LEAST 2 weeks off to evaluate my life and the direction in which im headed

    When/If (probably when) i return to the herb i won't be spending every day faded, itll be a once every 3 days type of thing at the most. (with some exceptions obviously)

    I just dont want to be where i am right now. Smoking isnt as much fun and my social life is suffering (which appears to be common amongst heavy users)

    So wish me luck as i go, this is day 1. So far i dont feel any different, but i know its only been less than one day since i last smoked :eek:

    K now what you want
    F ind out what your getting
    C hange what your doing until you get the results you want

    KFC man, the way to life :hello:
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    Good advice. I may also suggest the obvious of cutting back to just the weekends. This will keep your tolerance low, so you will get pretty high every time you smoke, letting you fully appreciate the plant. This will also give you all week to work hard and be a sober guy with your sober friends. It will let you have perspective on the times you are high and let you appreciate it more. It's also a strong coping mechanism, because no matter how much work you have or how bad your week is going, you'll know that at the end of the week you can relax and unwind.

    EDIT: @Boojeah: Good post man. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been smoking and how much do you generally smoke?
  9. I'm happy for you, and I hope all goes well for your lifestyle change.

    I was considering trying this before and I think I will put this plan into effect after my 2 week break. It really seems like a responsible way to smoke pot without interference in my sober life.
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    Thanks, ive been smoking since August '06. Started daily tokin by Febuary '07. Did that till August of '07. I couldnt tell you how much i smoked daily for this time period as it was too long ago.

    So, august i take a 4 week break, i feel great, my social life is bangin. My first times smoking were amazing too. I didnt start smoking daily again until about January '08.

    I've been smoking daily since then anywhere from 0.3 - 1.0 gram a day to myself on average. (past month or so its been about a 1/4 a week)

    hope this has helped.
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  11. I've been around a while, and I heard a saying the other day that made me go..."Wow!".

    It is this...

    I like that...makes total sense.

    And, to the OPs point, everyone is different.

    I smoked weed, took LSD, did Quaalude, smoked Hash (by the way...we smoked the hash and weed, in our cars, in the parking lot, and the Principal would come out, stand by the door, and visit with folks coming in from "The Lot". He never hassled anyone!), went to class, and got almost a 3.6 GPA overall. The ONLY drug I didn't do in High School (or ever) was smack. Never had a desire.

    The ONLY classes I did poorly at were, coincidentally enough, the very classes I didn't like, and didn't apply myself. Go figure.

    I am a firm believer in the old adage espoused by Henry Ford:

    If taking a break feels good, then take a break. If you are done with the break, then take up the old ways, if it suits you.

    I think the most important thing to remember is that some folks can get amazing grades smoking weed, and others can't.

    Everyone's Cannabutter melts at a different temperature, I am thinking...;)
  12. is this dr phil?
  13. i only read a few posts in this thread but the kfc thing was perfect. im fairly new to the community too and dont mean to be rude either. i went through a mental addiction stage like 4 months ago. it was terrible. and im still suffering the reprocussions of it. i was doing everything i could to smoke. anytime i had money i would just spend it on bud. anytime i couldn't smoke i was a fucking mess. i was smoking everyday before and after school, then before i went to sleep. for about like two weeks straight. i lost alot of close people in my life because of it. and i made a lot of mistakes. if i could go back to june of last year i would change everything completely. i would advise anyone to not fall into this. maybe its just because addiction probs run in my family. or maybe just because addicition problems run in my i thought it was all in my head. if that makes sense. im rambling big time. but so far i haven't smoked in like a week or so and ive been happier then ever. ive been saving my money and shit and it feels great. smokings still a big hobby but it doesn't run my life like i used to let it.
  14. thats exactly my thoughts. i only smoke at night or, if i have nothing to do that day, in the day (which isnt often at all) i use it as a sort of reward for getting through the day. nothin like sparkin a bowl in candle light and listenin tosome great tunes. especially after a hard day of school, parents, work. letting it control your life is just.. dumb.
  15. I shall take a bong rip to that, my good man.
  16. This is seasoned tokers, we've all been there and done that.
  17. I smoked weed everyday for about 3 months straight. Now that I'm taking a 2 month long T-break (well, I've smoked a few times here and there), I feel no different than if I had never smoked before. Personally, I can either smoke or not smoke and either way I'll be fine.

    As Otto from the Simpsons said, "Whoa, I don't need drugs to enjoy this! Just to enhance it."

    And that's truly how I feel. Sober life is fun, high life is a different experience. You can't be high 24/7 because that detracts from the quality of how life was meant to be enjoyed. However, I still smoke weed. It's great for relaxtion or for fun.
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    All is a pretty general statement, and I highly doubt this forum elected you as its representative. Either way, taking a break wasn't the main point of my post. I was mostly looking for feedback and some wisdom on the subject, which I'm glad I received.
  19. I'm not going to bash your thread because I believe you deserve a bit of respect. I think you are right on a lot of your points, however, at the same time I believe you need to see both sides of the story. A lot of people use weed to better their social life and they experience a great side to smoking. I think it has a lot to do with your personality before smoking. If you were socially awkward you may see weed as a tool to improve themselves. Others see it as an inhibitor
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    I'd say that smoking weed all day every day is alright every once and a while (When on vacation or w/e) but smoking weed multiple times a day when you have work, school, or whatever is pretty foolish. I smoked through highschool, but I kept it to a few times a week and got above average grades. Summer, of course, was a different story :p
    Smoking weed should be something you do in your spare time to chill out, relax, and have fun...not a tool that you use to make life bearable. Nowadays I do it probably Five times a week, but I rarely do it when I have important responsibilities or shit to do during the day.

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