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Marijuana and Migraine's (personal experience)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by chiefton8, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. So my girl friend typically has about 1 or 2 migraines every year, mostly during the winter season. They are so excruciating that she can't move from under the bed covers for about 48 hrs, won't speak, won't sleep, won't open her eyes, won't do anything whatsoever. It is torture just to watch her go though it. But since we have been smoking on a regular basis (now about 2 years), she hasn't had a single migraine at all. Coincidence? We can't prove it, but she has never in her life gone this long without a migraine. And our lives are even more stressful now (graduate school) than they have ever been. Interesting observation I believe...anyone else have less frequent migraines since smoking?
  2. Oh yes!! I've suffered from migraines for 13 years - were so bad that my fingers would go numb and I had blind spots in my vision. Docs put me on Inderal (blood pressure medicine) that I had to take every day as a preventative, plus Fiorecet (tylenol, caffeine, barbituate mixture) for when I had them. I still had them 2-3 times/month versus 2-3 times/week - which was better, but the pills they put me on made me depressed, lethargic, and I started to gain weight because of the Inderal. When I met my now husband, he was a daily marijuana smoker, so I took it up as more than just a "social" thing and became a daily smoker also. I was able to ween myself off of the Inderal completely and with having the THC in my system all the time, I don't need the Fiorecet anymore either - Tylenol and a few good bong rips pretty much takes care of it - if it doesn't, I then choose to take Vicodin or something else, but that's rare. I really believe that having it in your system for an extended period is a preventative in itself - and you can actually function on MMJ if you need to - unlike the prescribed pills which just drug you up and sedate you.

    Advice - Keep up the good work - it does wonders for migraines!! Also, next time she's got really bad menstrual cramps or pain relating to the "girl" thing, take a few extra hits and it'll help tremendously! A good indica always does the job for me!

    Good luck to you and your girlfriend!
  3. I have also heard something similar about this from my friend before.
  4. hey atthecrackofdaw this is cheifton8's girlfriend. its very cool that you have had a similar experience as me. i also would lose vision in my eyes (usually my left) and always the side of my nose and my pinky finger would go numb. i have a prescription medication that i carry around with me (force of habit at this point)... called maxalt mlt. in combination with lots of caffeine (3-4 cups of coffee and an entire liter of mountain dew) i could knock the migraines down to bad headache... nothing like the total freedom from head pain i now get from smoking. i can't believe you had them so regularly. the most i ever had was 3 in 3 months and i was ready to tear my hair out. anyway i understand what you went through... i always hate to say that "i have migraines" because most people just assume that it is a really bad headache. once you have had one, you never get confused again, am i right?

    anyway... i was so glad to hear your story that i am making my first forum post ever. hope the trend continues... i am constantly thankful for the medicinal properties of my white widow.

    hope you get this!
  5. Hey chiefton8's girlfriend!

    It's strange, when I was first diagnosed I was 25 and I had been having the migraines for a few years already. I guess I just got accustomed to it - they weren't so bad that I couldn't function, although I practically lived on Tylenol. In fact - strangely enough - when I started on the Inderal (after about 6 months of finding the right dosage of 160mg/day), when I got the migraines, they were even worse than before I started taking the medication. Even though I didn't get them as much, the intensity was much worse, which meant popping 4 extra strength tylenol (wait 1/2 hr or so), taking one fiorecet and sometimes another one just to take the edge off of it. And, of course, the drugs incapacitated me and rendered me non-functional. Strange how "legal, prescribed" drugs can actually make things worse, but yet this "illegal" herb helps so much... I can actually medicate with marijuana and still go to work and function (I don't like to but on occasion I have to) which I could not have even thought about on that other medication - not the mention the side effects of all of it. I used to drink so much caffeine (soda) to try to ward them off that I ended up having a serious scare when I went in for my yearly physical... My doctor found a lump in one of my breasts when I was 28 - turns out it was just fibrous tissue from all of the caffeine, thank God!

    And yes, I agree - unless you've had a migraine, you've really got no clue, and it's really difficult for some people to understand the debilitating effects of them - you're right, if you've ever had one, you'll never be confused about the difference!

    Question for you... When you get the numbness and blind spots, is it when you have a migraine? The reason I ask is because mine were very weird. I tended to have those problems the day after a really bad one, not when I actually had the migraine.

    Funny - but seriously scary story: After having a really bad one the night before, I was walking through the mall with a friend of mine. All of a sudden (it was summer and people were in shorts) everybody's skin was patchy colors, like pinks, beiges, browns, tans, yellows - kind of like some of the cheek blushes that you can buy that have all of those colors in it. Everybody's legs, arms, faces, and it lasted for about 45 minutes. Even babies in strollers were multi-colored! It freaked me out so bad I almost passed out! I seriously thought I was losing my mind! The only thing I could think of was that I had had that migraine the night before. The side effects of these things are endless... I also had one side of my face go numb for about 4 months - scared me so bad I went to the ER to get a catscan because it just wouldn't go away - turned out to be nothing. Funny that you mention your pinky too - that's where mine would start and sometimes I would have the pinky, ring finger and middle finger go numb. It can be some pretty scary crap!!

    I don't know if you're in a state that allows medical marijuana, but if you are, I'd think about getting your card. In my opinion, nothing has worked better for my migraines and asthma. If you don't, stay safe and keep the THC in your system as a preventative... It took me about 2 years - like you - to really realize that it was my smoking that was the major contributor to lesser and less debilitating migraines. And White Widow too!! Yummy!!

    Take care and good luck to you!:wave:
  6. Sorry, I know it was a long read but I tend to get a little lengthy when I post on such issues!:rolleyes:
  7. i know i have gotten bad, i mean bad migraines before from smoking. But i think it's more from smoking such a large amount in one night, and then eventually coming down. I just usually pop a benydryl and some ibprofin and pass out for about 10-12 hours.
  8. I was just fixing to do a search on migraines when I saw this thread.

    My son and daughter in law are very straight laced people. Although they both drink like fish, the thought of smoking anything or doing any form of drug repulses them. Even Vicodin isn't always an option, even with a tooth ache.

    My daughter in law has real bad migraines. I don't know the details except she usually winds up in bed for a day or 2 not able to do anything.

    From what I am reading here, THC is more of a preventative rather than something to use after you get the migraine or feel one coming on. Are there any certain strains that are better for migraines than are others?

    It would be nice to introduce her to something that may help while she is in the middle of a migraine rather than as a preventative. I'm not sure that I could talk them into it for prevention. The only shot I would have would be when she is in great pain and I have something new for her to try.

    I have heard about THC pills that are used but those would in no way be available to anyone here in Texas. Using brownies to keep a constant supply of THC in your body isn't an option either. It most likely will need to be by smoking it.

    Any suggestions on strains to use, methods of introducing THC into a system other than smoking and ways to approach them on this would be appreciated.

  9. Hey sneakers -

    I'm glad you found this thread... I only speak from my own personal experience - and I certainly don't claim to be even close to an expert on the subject of marijuana helping migraines, but maybe my experiences can help your daughter-in-law - and who knows, maybe a few others as well!

    With my experience, THC acts more as a preventative - but that's because I am a daily smoker. It's not a necessity to smoke every day for it to be effective on migraines - or any other pain for that matter. In fact, it may even help more for a non-user of marijuana, because it will be new in the system. I don't know for sure, but it makes sense to me! If somebody can confirm, please let us know!

    If she were to take a few good hits when she feels one coming on - or even if it's full-on - it would certainly make a difference in the pain. Some may not understand what I'm about to say (those that have never had a migraine), but the last thing you want to do is breathe in deep and hold it for as long as you can... To a migraine sufferer, this is pure hell because your head feels like it's going to pop off of your shoulders. But, if she can do that, within 5 minutes it'll all be worth it. Wait about 5 minutes and see the results - if the pain is still pounding, take a few more, wait another 5 minutes. If she takes tylenol, have her take 2-3 before smoking, that way it'll start to get into her system by the time the marijuana really kicks in - extra insurance!

    As far as strain is concerned, everything that I've tried has worked for me. It just depends on the "functionality" factor, and maybe even the intensity of the migraine. For me, if I'm home and have a migraine, I'll use a really good indica like Bubba Kush (along those lines) so that if I can or want to I can lay down and sleep it off (my homegrown has worked the best so far!). If I've got to function, go to work, or have things that I've got to do (trust me, it's still not much), I'll get a hybrid 60/40 or 50/50 so that if I need to, I can function and not be all screwed up. The pain may still be there somewhat, but the relief is enough to do the trick.

    The problem with edibles and the pills is that it takes too long to get into your system, which obviously doesn't provide the immediate relief that a migraine sufferer really needs. Not to mention that if you don't know what your dosage should be, you can really screw yourself up for a good 4-6 hours. The nice thing about smoking is it's pretty immediate - as I'm sure you know. The key for a "newbie" is to take a few (even if they're not that big) and wait a few minutes to see what it's effects are - that way she won't get too medicated too quick and not want to try it again. Maybe trying it when she doesn't have a migraine first would be the ticket, if she'd give it a try. That way she wouldn't have the pain distracting her and she'd be able to find the dosage that she thinks will work. Also, I know a lot of people don't like to "smoke" or put things in their lungs by burning them. There are all kinds of vaporizers out there for these people. (Sorry if I'm telling you something you already know), but with them, there is no smoke involved. The marijuana is heated to a certain temperature so that the THC is released from the plant and only that is inhaled - no smoke. It's great if you're sick or have asthma like I do and still need to medicate. They can be a little costly, but well worth the money if that's the preferred method - who knows, maybe you can buy her one for Christmas!!

    On another note, you said that they drink like fish. I'm sure she knows, but just in case, there are a lot of foods and drink that can cause and irritate a migraine - alcohol being one - especially beer. Certain foods can even trigger them, like cheese, onions, chocolate and certain veggies. I, myself, will not live without these things, so I dont' pay much attention to it - but then again, I know what works for me when I do get a migraine...

    The other issue - which I'm sure would be a big concern if not a reason not to try it - is the stigma that comes with being a "pot smoker":smoking:. Most people don't realize it's medical benefits because they buy into the propaganda that's spread by the government that it's a "terrible drug". The government (and those that want to judge) call me a "pot head" - and unfortunately there are those out there in the world that seem to be the face of marijuana that are portraying that picture. I'm a married, home-owning, tax-paying, hard-working productive professional in my industry, with no criminal record, no accidents, no speeding tickets, not even a parking ticket. I know I'm carrying on like a pothead, but I'm just passionate about my medicine and I wish that everybody had or would take the opportunity to realize it's benefits... I sincerely hope your daughter in law gives it a shot!

    I'd be more than happy to talk to her or email/chat with her if she would like to know more... just let me know!

    By the way, there was a documentary on a few weeks ago that you may be able to find... It was called "In Pot We Trust" - a documentary on some patients - it was on Showtime and you can get it OnDemand... It has long-time users and a woman with MS who tries it for the first time since she was in high school - powerful stuff!! If you haven't seen it yet, sneakers, I'd highly recommend it - truly inspiring!

    Good luck with your endeavor - I hope she's receptive - she'll thank you, I know that for a fact!!
  10. I too am a migraine sufferer.

    I used to get debilitating migraines once to three or four times a month, from as early as I can remember until puberty it was a once in a few months kinda thing, but afterwards I started getting them more and more frequently and with a considerably greater intensity. I would lose vision, become violently nauseus, with extreme sensitivities to everything, and of course crippling head pain. This went on for a while, with me missing more than my fair share of school... until I found pot. Or should I say until I realized that #1 being a regular smoker decreased the incidence and intensity of said migraines and #2 that even as a weekend smoker, I could smoke just as I was getting a migraine, and I would wind up with a mild headache. Alot of people dont understand the total withdrawl migraines can cause. I was an under-the-cover sufferer. With light and sound being very painful, cannabis was my savior. I wish more people could experience the whollistic effects of regular THC (and realize amotivational syndrome is a function of the user)
  11. AMEN HerbsINtheBurbs!

    So, it may appear that it works as a preventative as well as an immediate medication for these hellacious migraines. It's really great to get some validation of my experience with marijuana and migraines. I've never known or really even talked to anybody else who suffered like I did - it's kind of validation to myself that I wasn't over-exaggerating in my own dealings - not only with the pain and suffering of the migraines - but also the effects that marijuana has had on controlling their frequency and intensity.

    I'm glad that you found the help you needed and I hope yours continue to be fewer and less painful...:hello:
  12. wow...that's great several of you have had similar results as my girl friend. all though she doesn't seem to suffer as often as you folks, it's amazing that so many have seemed to benefit whether as an immediate relief or as a preventative. i did an article search on pubmed (the scientific journal search engine) and came up with only a few lower level journals with semi-objective articles about the benefits of cannabis for migraines. i couldn't get the actual articles (the journals were relatively obscure), but hopefully i can get my hands on them eventually to see what if any scientific data there is on this. it's so unfortunate that our government won't even consider such remedies for these migraines, but instead would prefer you to take expensive drugs that may or may not work. i think my gf and i will keep using our home grown. :)
  13. yeah dude. everytime i have a headache or migraine. i smoke bud and it goes away
  14. I used to suffer from migraines as well. I battled them for about 8-9 years while growing up. They were terrible, any glimpse of light and i would automatically puke. Since i've started smoking, almost a year now, i haven't had one since! Not only that but i hardly get headaches anymore too! My diet hasn't change or anything else for that matter. The only thing different is that i have MJ in my life and i truly believe i'm better thatnks to her!:hello:
  15. I used to suffer from migraines, as well. Would get them so frequently, and with such longevity. Sometimes lasting 5-7 days, during these migraines any sound, light, taste and even smells made agony. Just your typical migraine, I think we all feel our senses way better during these aches.

    Then.... I started smoking pot. Just like that my headaches as a kid happened alot less frequently. Later, I became a daily user, a bong rip a day keeps the headaches away.. have not had one since!
  16. I have been dealing with migraines for about 15 years. Dr's say stress is the #1 cause.
    A joint always helps me, sometimes even makes it go away, either way it makes it easier to deal with, my doc gives me a study supply of darvecette allthough I havent had to take any in about a year, now that I smoke daily I dont hardly get them.
    Its somthing that you cant understand until you get one. its not prety.. gluck
  17. I have suffered from migraines for about 11- 12 years now,

    Ive found that weed has definitely reduced their intensity, and sometimes smoking causes the headaches just to disappear altogether. Ive never been big on the prescriptions but the last few years of blazing has helped me out :smoking:
  18. I'm one of those who has been smoking longer than I've had regular migraines, so this topic interests me.

    I've been smoking a pure sativa over the last couple of weeks and have actually had THREE migraines in that time. (other life stresses exist too and may very well be a large part)

    Generally I don't smoke sativa's - indica is more popular around here.

    Does anyone notice any improvement between consuming a Sativa vs an Indica?

    Ever curious,
  19. you know what really takes care of a migraine... motha fuckin shrooms..


    no joke
  20. Wow! It's really nice to see that other people have benefited as I have from the use of marijuana in relation to migraines.

    PotGrrl: My personal experience (and opinion) is that sativas aren't half as strong - medicinally - as indicas are. I used to really love them, but I'm finding that, at least for me, they don't work as well. I love their smell and taste, but they don't relax me as well as an indica, which I think is key to helping a migraine. If you can't loosen up your muscles and get rid of the tension that your body goes through during a migraine (sometimes I find myself holding my breath, just so I don't have any movement - which makes it even worse when I do breath). Now that I'm writing this, my opinion is that sativas relax the mind more than the body, and it takes quite a bit more too. Save your money and medicine and buy a really good indica... that'll do the trick better than anything.

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