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Marijuana and Magnesium Deficiency

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by FriedFriend, Jan 9, 2013.

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    my symptoms look like this. has smoking pot and not taking enough magnesium caused my problem? we have another thread for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. my symptoms were constipation and bile reflux.

    What are the long term effects of weed? | Marijuana Use

    i cannot find any other evidence for this however and am searching for it.
  2. I started looking and saw this:

    "Adequate magnesium intake in the diet is essential for maintaining cardiometabolic homeostasis. An inverse association was noted between dietary magnesium intake and the prevalence of metabolic syndrome. [129,130] "

    Here is the source of the quote:
    Medscape: Medscape Access

    I'm diabetic with an A1C of 5.4 ( 5.4 is a +/- normal persons A1C.)

    Any way if I wasn't already taking magnesium I'd start giving it serious consideration.
    Off to look around some more.

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