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Marijuana and Inventions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MaryJuana, May 20, 2010.

  1. #1 MaryJuana, May 20, 2010
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    Does anybody else think that when they're high, they fall into such a mental thinking state where Common Sense and other things are amplified by millions. When im high, a lot of people and friends tell me that my ideas and things I say I want to Invent, are insanely plausible and would benefit day to day and even solve a lot of issues about religion, energy, and transportation.

    I even get calls and texts from people telling me that what I was talking about the previous night really made them think.

    One thing I noted that scared some people is that the way we study light Ive noticed and been keen on thinking that either the Universe which is 'supposed' to seem infinite, Is Expanding at a very fast rate. Or, the actual speed of light is slowing down, which by einsteins theories (which are just theories) are one that has the same constant speed which can never be reached by something with ANY mass.

    So by using light we can see back into the past of how other galaxies look by light, but at the rate our galaxy is accelerating and becoming less 'dense', our distant universe will start to darken as the light from them will not be able to reach us (too much dark energy and half Dark matter).

    This theory which is not proven is called the Big Rip. I am in now way an Astronomy buff, but this all came clear to me after looking at some distant star pictures high one night!!

    Share your ideas or Inventions :smoke:

    Also not to mention, If the fact that the Universe = Infinite, The chance of life somewhere else than Earth = Infinite
  2. i agree with the chance of life bit, but i dunno if light dissapates because of dark matter or dark energy. I would just assume it takes longer to get here
  3. Conversation between the voices in my head:

    Stoner Me: If the universe is infinite, then there are an infinite number of stars. Why isn't the sky as lit up as I am every night (just to qualify, I mean completely lit up)

    Smart Me: The universe is infinite but also expanding. beyond a certain distance, the stars are moving away from us at a speed greater than the speed of light. That means you don't see the light from them.

    Stoner Me: so are you saying things can move faster than the speed of light?

    Smart Me: well, all speeds are relative. so relative to the earth, yes the stars are moving faster than the speed of light.

    Stoner Me: Well when people say that it is impossible to move faster than the speed of light, what are they speaking relative to?

    Smart Me: Well, uh, erm... fuck this. I don't honestly know. lets smoke bowls

    Stoner Me: good call
  4. dude just tday man i was lifted:smoke: and I told my mom like mom whe should fry fruit its genius it will taste of crispy fired chicken and be sweet, Then I looked and imagined it was rad, well peace:rolleyes: ha ha ya man ...Im currently on plane Purple Urkel dam and today was my first Vaporizer:p it was amazing Im still feeling enlightened from it well peace
  5. I think of things that words cannot even describe, and these thoughts I have only last a few minutes before vanishing. My goal is to try and type out my thoughts, but when i'm high I always feel it's not needed.
  6. AH-MAZING :eek: :wave::smoke:
  7. Yeah I can definitely relate. I have given thought to the universe and its endlessness. I have actually been recording conversations and writing down my thoughts. I like to reflect on my life from time to time and these help to do just that.
  8. Bad call ;) The answer to the question is the current frame of reference. Also, space itself is what is expanding and it isn't bound by the speed limit C as it is not matter or energy, it's the time/space fabric.

    You were doing well until you let Stoner You trip you up ;)
  9. Damnit OSG, I was just going to correct him on that...curse you for being quicker! But, I know what you mean OP. I always love to philosophize / think about weird inventions and the like when I'm high, and they always end up making more sense than when I think of them sober. Even if I go back after and re-think about it from a sober state I realize my high brain is just better at solving problems.
  10. Smart me and stoner me have discussions all the time. I always have awesome ideas when I get ripped. That's a huge part of why I love it so much.
  11. hahah thats funny

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