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Marijuana and high blood pressure

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hatter, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Does smoking weed alter your blood pressure or your heartrate or anything like that at all? I have technically "high" blood pressure, not severely high or anything, but high for a younger person. Last week, I got high with some buddies, and I was laying on a futon cause we were just chillin' watching a movie, and every so often, it felt like my torso and arms were 10x heavier than normal, and when i moved my arms, they had the same sensation as when they're asleep (pinpricks type of thing).

    What I'm wondering is if it had anything to do with smoking, and if it was dangerous. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here.
  2. I heard that it raises heart rate and lowers blood pressure, but thats just what I heard I dont have any medical citations or anything.
  3. True, it naturally lowers blood pressure. IF you are on high blood pressure medication that helps lower it, DO NOT use it while/during cannabis use. It naturally increases your heart rate also, so if your heart is pumping out 120 dont freak out. certain heart conditions can not take ANY rate increase. So be careful and consult a doctor prior if you DO have an underlying heart condition in which you must keeo a steady rate
  4. Well I'm not on medication, and I don't have some major heart disease or anything...i just have high blood pressure. I had my blood pressure taken at a Senior Citizen's Expo (don't ask) a few months ago, and the nurse read 140 something over 80 something, but that's just "high" blood pressure, not severe (which is like 180/something).

    I have my yearly checkup in like a week, and I am planning on bringing up my blood pressure with my doctor, but should I refrain from smoking until then?

    EDIT: How can it lower blood pressure, but raise heart exactly does that work? (I don't really know what the term "blood pressure" really means)
  5. Its your choice whether you mention cannabis use to your doc, they cant do a thing about it. Some may have a propaganda view though, but he cant tell you anything to make you stop. You can ask about your BP, but i wouldnt take medication for it IF you continue to use cannabis as a medicine.
    Cannabis is not a harmful drug, if you can even call it that. It can treat and cure many diseases and ailments. Im not too sure of the technicality of that stuff, but doing some research or maybe asking I gotthecottons might help

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