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Marijuana and high blood pressure.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mimil2701, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. I am 55 yrs young and I have been smoking steadily for the last 7 years. I suffer with high blood pressure, but am on medication. The last two times I smoked within 5/10 minutes my blood pressure spike to 185/105. Naturally, it freaked me out. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm not afraid to try it again.
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  2. I've found thru personal experience and online research that smoking cannabis will make your BP spike for a short time as well as increasing your heart rate. In my case after 30 or 45 minutes my BP lowers significantly and my rate drops to normal. There's a lot of info online about it, research it.
  3. I've been looking at a lot of info online. Like I've said, this isn't my first time smoking. I smoke almost everyday, but this is the first time that it spiked so much. It scared me and now i'm afraid to smoke.
  4. Maybe if you smoked a little less or maybe some strains that aren't as strong THC wise...everyone is different, I only smoke a couple of joint hits at a time and usually only smoke in the evening before bed.
    I have too much going on during the day to want to get
  5. I actually don't smoke everyday anymore and when I do, it is after I get home from work. You are correct, it could be the bud. The person I get it from gives me different strains that he tries. Thank you for talking to me about this.
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  6. Have you given any thought to trying a high cbd strain? Or cutting down the amount of hits you take?
  7. I have not thought about a high cbd strain. I really don't know what strain this bud was. My BIL just gives me several different ones.
    Whats crazy is it was only ONE hit...
  8. I am on 2 meds for my bp. I take them 2x/day but I first noticed my bp higher at the initial consumption of my capsules, my heart raced and had palpitations for like an hour total, however if its clonidine that you're on, making sure to take them at the correct intervals seems to help ie: a bit after you use the weed seems to help

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