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Marijuana and Hemophilia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by easygoing, May 29, 2009.

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    Hey dudes. Nice site here.
    I am wondering if MJ has any pos benefits to people with hemophilia.
    Can it do any bad?
    Is anybody using it for hemophilia?
    My best friend has it and I'm just wondering if it could help.
  2. Comeon guys. Isn't there anybody that is usit it for hemophilia? Maybe you know someone...
  3. Sorry, dude. I don't know anyone with it.
  4. This is all I have on cannabis and blood clotting- please note it is an animal study done on diabetic rats using a potent extract- so the analogy may not hold with simply toking.

    Anticoagulant Effects of a Cannabis Extract in an Obese Rat Model
    Anticoagulant Effects of a Cannabis Extract in an Obese Rat Model

    However, I have several studies on cannabis and post surgery pain and none of them indicate any bleeding problems. So, IMHO, normal levels of toking would likely be OK, but he should be perhaps a bit more cautious if using concentrates (BHO, lots of hash, etc).

    Granny :wave:
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    thank you a lot. it is very useful and any other info would be very helpful.
    finding out that it has anticoagulating efect isn't exactly the most desiarable. For his sake I'd like it to be the other way around, to make his blod cloth or have no impact on clothing rather than make it harder to cloth. MJ would really make him feel better and relive some pain. I hope there is some medical use 4 him, since pain is sometimes an issue, this is really helping him but I dont want this to be harmfull in any other way. We have been raised together, so even if he is not born in our family he is like my brother and I'd do anything 4 him. I know him 4 aS LONG AS CAN REMEBER MYSELF
    cheers m8's
  6. I've heard of a few guys usint if for hemophilia , but it wasn't anything very documented though...
  7. I looked around on google and couldn't find anything about it. That isn't to say it won't be useful for your friend's condition just that there hasn't been much published research about it. Good luck to you and your buddy.
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    I use it for thrombophelia which is the exact opposite. I can get shot when im off my meds and i wont bleed to death :hello:. Marijuana causes the blood to flow faster because of the faster heart beat which can help push blood through blood clots. im not sure bout hemophelia though. I know smoking cigs helps clot blood but if he wants to a mix of weed and tobacco can probably help him
  9. :smoking:look i have hemophilia iv had it all my life now im 18 well there is now a med shop in lansing and hemophilia is one of the things on the list of people who can get there a med card but im not sure how i should bring it up to my doctor and help reply plezzz and thnx:smoking:

  10. get your state ID, and all your medical documents, and find a MMJ Evaluation place and get an appointment.
  11. ok thnx cuz the whole marijuana isent new to me but id rather have the card and b safe than not have it and get busted
  12. Hey I have sever haemophilia A and live in the uk, I use MJ all the time and it's a life saver, I ensure I take regular meds and find that as soon as I have pain or a bleed smoke a few buds and it's magical! Ha I've had locked joints that I can move after a smoke, recommend to all haemophiliacs!

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