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Marijuana and General Anesthesia (Surgery) - ANSWERED

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by wrxrick, Jan 28, 2014.

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    Hey what's up you all, 
    I just wanted to make a post to clear up a question many people have. A lot of us smoke everyday (I have been smoking every day for a year) and don't expect to have a problem occur. Well, I had to have surgery last Friday and had to be put under General Anesthesia for laproscopic abdominal surgery and was worried about how my tolerance for mary jane may affect the surgery. Let me just say, it didn't. The surgery went well and I had stopped smoking 48 hours prior to surgery just to be sure. I didn't wake up once during the surgery (that's a good thing), and the anesthesiologist was a really cool person. With that said, not all anesthesiologists are cool and sometimes your surgery can be post-poned a few weeks if they detect THC in your system. It all depends on your anesthesiologist and hospital. They had asked me if I had smoked any recreational drugs but I told them no. They had performed blood chemistry and a urine sample analysis (not necessarily for THC). Just wanted to let you all know it's ok! However, I mostly vaporize and thus I don't have much stuff to cough up from smoking. I don't smoke tobacco. I might want to add that smoking tobacco and drinking any alcohol will probably increase your chances for issue's regarding surgery and recovery. Reason I say this is, it's really hard to cough without pain so...if you smoke tobacco you may want to consider stopping a month before the operation so that way you won't be coughing up stuff when you are recovering.
    Please always be sure to be careful, everyone is different. Just because I was fine doesn't mean you won't be. I'm just trying to help the community! Also...I have been on Hydrocodeine and Morphine alternation for pain medication. They helped with the pain, but I noticed that Hydrocodeine + vaporized marijuana is the best pain medication! I didn't have a problem mixing the two. I am now to the point where I have stopped taking pain medications 3 days after surgery and am just vaporizing marijuana for pain relief. 


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