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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Memnon, Jan 14, 2001.

  1. I just thought I'd get some interesting discussion moving on the board here.

    So, my first question you feel more "free" when you smoke up?

    I know that when I score a nice amount of buds and take a fine hit off my vaporizer that it just releases me from all tensions and worries.

    I become a new person, a free'er person. This, of course, is the joy of being high...but I've spoken with some real life friends who say they are the opposite. They get very paranoid and still get a "high" of sorts, but I could not imagine my high without that feeling of freedom and relaxation.
  2. I agreee with you completely. I get this sensation that an incredible weight has bee lifted from my shoulders. I can truly sit back and not stress about the trivial and not-so-trivial things in my life.
  3. im very relaxed when high, thats one reason i toke.

  4. Well, I used to be able to feel that freedom, until "what they tell me" I smoked too much! Now I feel bound by ropes and chains, heart goes nuts and I can't sucks!!! But...I can have a toke while I am drinking and get the sensation of floating without any worries. On another note.. haha!


    Sensored to take out something naughty.

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  5. Sorry guys but I had to do this.

  6. why did you bump a fucking thread that no1 has posted a reply to in 8 years?
  7. I have no idea. I'm pretty baked hahaha.
  8. I some times feel scared to get cought but I enjoy that because I feel like a sneaky little beaver. :D
  9. 100% agreed. Every time I smoke I seem to forget all else. I just turn on some Pink Floyd and sit back. I always observe the little things, those little objects that seem frugal while you are sober. And as for your friends that feel paranoid- They are probably smoking in an environment where they are worried that somebody will walk in on them or they will get caught. Normally when you smoke in a place where you're always looking over your shoulder you have a pissy high.
  10. When I induce marijuana I go back to a childish stage in life. I am not talking immature or annoying, I am talking innocent. The world is full you are experiencing things all over again for the first time (literally just in a different way). The first few highs you are like the little kid just beginning to walk, then after a while you age as does your tolerance. It is still nice to feel like a kid again, to laugh at the little things in life, to enjoy acting dumb around good friends, to not have stress at all. This is truly how marijuana takes you out of yourself.

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