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  1. Okay so, I just spent a great deal of time reading up on the medical marijuana laws as well as the firearm laws in my state. However, I cannot seem to find out one question and am hoping to shed some light on it. Here goes:

    I know the laws state that you cannot own a medical marijuana card AND a firearm at the same time unless you lie and end up facing 5-10 years in prison, not to mention some hefty fines and a nice shiny sticker that says "I'm a felon."
    Anyway, my question is: Can you own a firearm if our spouse has a medical marijuana card or visa versa? I mean, as far as I see, you're not owning both at once.
    Someone please find out for me!

  2. are you allowed to have prescription pills? or beer? or wine? or liquor?

    Theyre disarming all the Cannabis users so it will be easier to retrieve them,

    i say- keep a firearm anyway.
  3. my wife bought me a jeep in trade of my arms. she's a shooter! how lucky am i?
  4. i wonder about this to, especially if i had owned the gun before i got the card...if thats the case then wtf do they expect people to do??? turn in their guns.....ya right!
  5. Personally I'm ok with this. Guns are terrible. Over the course of history guns have caused more pain and sorrow then anything imaginable. Guns have taken the lives of millions. In comparison to the good they have done it is unbelievable. I do not think anyone should own guns unless they live off the land and when they hunt its not for sport its for survival. But that will never happen because every testosterone junky feels the need to "defend" themselves.
  6. if there was a magical way to get rid of weapons technology that would be great, but this only consolidates power to the government.

    the people in the government right now are very confounded and consumed inevitably by Greed, FYI

  7. this type of thinking is a joke. of there were more responsible and well trained gun owners these thugs would think twice about robbing people and committing violent crimes. i carry, i have never drawn on a human, but i can relax knowing my safety will never be in the hands of some gun toting criminal who wants to rob me or worse.
  8. Personally, guns scare me. I have owned them and don't now. However, this kind of thinking is puzzles me. Guns have not taken the lives of anyone. Ever. Guns do not shoot people, people shoot people. As someone else stated, the biggest enemy to freedom in the world are corrupt governments. Ours here in the US included. The second amendment was meant to arm the populace so government wouldn't get too big. That hasn't worked out well but I am still all for responsible gun ownership.
  9. Hmm interesting point, I recall in my state when I bought my first gun it asked are you addicted to marijuana or something along that line. Now that where I live is on the verge of medical marijuana in the upcoming year, I might have to sell my gun. I do not understand that though because owning a gun is a consitutional right, so if you have a medical card and want to own a gun and are denied it is obviously unconstitutional, so vice versa should be unconstitutional also. This could get interesting as it could be a first step toward decriminalization or even legalization. There is already a case in the courts about this, it is obvious who is going to win since we are not going to rewrite the constitution in order to deny medical patients rights to firearms. Also to comment on what someone else said about people owning guns, it is our right to be able to defend ourselves and not only that but for some of us who do live in the burbs we like to sport shoot shotguns, the county I live in funds a trap and skeet range. I have been around guns since I was 12 or 13, unless BB guns count, then it goes back further, nothing wrong with guns, only some people who obtain them and do not know the mechanics of keeping it safe or comprehend morality.
    Here is the case in the courts about the thread topic Medical Marijuana Patient Sues U.S.: Denied Gun Ownership

  10. Just remember kids: When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.
  11. I must add one more thing, handling firearms when high on marijuana a no-no.
  12. I agree it is not a good idea. When I'm stoned I want to stay away from my guns. But when I'm not I can handle them with ease and I have no worries.
  13. true, killing utensils seem awkward after consuming the tree of life
  14. What if you already own a gun, and then you get a medical card? You can't be forced to relinquish it just because you get a prescription can you?
  15. [quote name='"OrganicFlowers"']

    true, killing utensils seem awkward after consuming the tree of life[/quote]

    People make ignorant statements like this every day...until they are physically harmed. One day you will realize there are many people on this Earth willing and capable of putting a bullet in you simply to prove a point.

    Not saying you need a gun, but in such a fucked up world it's better to be safe than sorry.

  16. true that, this is just an observation. you know, "make love not war, man"

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