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Marijuana and Dissociation/Depersonalization

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cosmic_debris, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hello every one. I'm new to this thread. You can feel free to call me Cosmic. [​IMG] Anyways, I'm quite new to smoking. Well, not new to smoking. I've been around weed for about 2 years and have quite a lot of knowledge on it. Around two years ago I developed depersonalization. I'm guessing most of you know what this is? Now, ever since then I have smoked weed on and off. I've had a few bad experiences with it and less great experiences. Only recently am I finding it's easier for me to smoke cannabis. I have practically abolished much of my anxiety and although my depersonalization still lingers, it in no way impedes on my daily life. It's quite in the back ground. However, I'm worried that it is effecting my highs since many people say that don't feel this way when they get high. I'm typing this up hoping you all can give me feedback on whether or not it's normal for me to feel this way (next paragraph) when I'm high and whether or not I should continue smoking. 

    Basically, when I get high, I feel as though I'm projected out of my body. As if I'm behind myself. Very dreamy and some times I have a lot of body numbness. This scares me because I feel as though it's because of my depersonalization and not solely because of marijuana. Is it normal to feel "dreamy" "out of your body" "Projected outwards" when you're high or should I be worried. I also have not smoked very regularly so one or two hits get's me quite lifted, unlike most of my friends who take a whole bowl to do so. But yes, should I stop smoking or is feeling this way normal when high? 
    I really wish to get some feedback on whether or not I should continue smoking and such
    Thank you. Peace.

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    You're fine, you're not fucking Syd Barrett, stop tossing a diagnosis around. You're just getting high. Smoke more weed actually if you want the intenseness to stop. Get a decent tolerance so you can blaze a bowl and relax and laugh like everyone else instead of getting so lost in your head.Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. man thats just getting high. what did you expect and acid trip? lol
  4. Thanks!
    Any one else have any advice or input?
  5. This exactly. Feeling slightly abnormal sometimes isn't a damn condition. Were so quick to diagnose these days lol.

    And what you're describing just sounds like getting high.
  6. Yea i know what you mean I started feeling that way when i started smoking again a few months ago, and I also get that feeling when im high sometimrs. I try to distract myself from that thought and ill end up feeling better. Smoking more does help actually.

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  7. those anti pot groups are working over time
  8. Bump? Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. I feel the depersonalization after smoking weed, but it slowly fades as time goes by. When I smoke again the feeling becomes a little more intense but when I'm high I just don't care and I have fun. I think the depersonalization might have been caused by smoking too much of a stronger sativa, I'm going to try to smoke some indica and that might be better for me, and you. Once I try it I can tell you guys how it went. 
  10. If you think weed is doing this to you, you gotta try some acid guy. You'll be having out of body experiences up the ass.

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  11. Everyone, this is real.  I remember feeling this for a month after my first time getting high, it was horrible I wanted to kill my self. Like everything was fake I started to think that everything was pretty much nothing, was looking at my surroundings and people around me like if they where fake. Now I don't even know if I still have it or is gone.
  12. Hey man definitely don't kill yourself, DPD only gets worse when you worry about it, try not to think about it and it starts to fade away. It is really hard not to think about so when thoughts of your situation arise just be confident and say "Yeah I have DPD but it will go away." Also being in nature and repeating to yourself "this is reality" really helps. 
  13. Yeah I agree I feel fine now! I don't want to kill my self anymore, thanks dude! I did that actually went to nature and all that! Help a lot!
  14. Of course man, I'm really glad I could help you out :)
  15. Dude, I know how you feel. It gives me really bad anxiety as well which really fuckin sucks. But I just smoke weed to make myself feel good, had it since I was 14 years old and now I'm 17. Sucks how there isn't really any medication like or anything that can stop it completely either. Hope everything is all good for you.

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  16. Looks like you made a typo there, friend. I think you meant to say you're 18 right?

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  17. Depersonalization is a powerful spiritual effect. It's something to expect if you smoke and spend a lot of time inside your own head. (Which I do, personally - my boyfriend works the night shift and I blaze alone, often as an aid to meditation or active spiritual work.) 
    If you don't like it, it is possible that weed or your particular approach to smoking weed is not healthy for you.
  18. pots not for everyone but it is for me!! i feel normal and quite happy and hungry
  19. Hey Cosmic,

    Call me intuitive cause’ that’s how I am. And the tone in your message makes me bet the reason you wrote here is because somewhere inside you feel you want to stop - that maybe weed isn’t helping you anymore. Which is okay. But it will be hard to stop if all your friends are smokig and it has become a lifestyle so a lot of changes will occur. I am not anti weed but all I know is that it does affect the mind - it can be positive for some and for some time only - while it can be not so healthy for others. As soon as you feel uncomfortable in your mind when you smoke - that’s a sign. Listen. Your doubt shows your answer. In my opinion it is much safer to use breath, meditation and your own mind power and soul power to be happy and heal from anything. Let me know if you have questions. My advice is for you to stop and take up meditation. DPD is very serious and can become worse I would not want you to get stuck there. So get back in control. Reality is good. You are good.

  20. Hey,

    My advice to anyone whose brain is still developing is to stay off weed, medication, any chemical substance unless you are actually sick. Let your body grow. Stop using weed to accept reality. You are loved. You can be happy without weed. Your brain will thank you.


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