Marijuana and cancer

Discussion in 'General' started by PositiveAttitudeMachine, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. In believing the claims that marijuana attacks, and potentially kills, cancer cells, do you think that vaporization/edibles are just as effective as smoking? We have (probably) all seen the Rick Simpson video, and the two year old boy, but I believe they were using hash oil were they not? What is your guy's opinion on this, please educate me, and hopefully others.
  2. they're probably more effective cause they dont damage your lungs like smoke does???
  3. So, in theory, could marijuana help all cancers or specifically lung cancer? Sorry, I am under educated in this department, just want to get a better perspective.
  4. All we have to do is wait for Storm Crow. I'm sure she has something from her Granny's list.
  5. Very true, the wait is on. In the mean time I might try to contact her to see what she thinks
  6. It does the opposite.
  7. Causes cancer? I don't think so...
  8. No, I mean smoking marijuana may help prevent lung cancer.
  9. I don't believe smoking gives you all the medicinal benefits as the hash oil. That stuff is mega refined, and I'm assuming it has more potentially helpful benefits over smoking. Also smoking anything is not really that good for you, but I read somewhere that your lungs have the capability to repair itself if the abuse isn't too harsh.

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