Marijuana and being "deep"

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dorian, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. i just cant help but notice how most marijuana smokers (seasoned ones at least) have a natural instinct for topics on spirituality philosophy etc i simply put it as "deep" topics..and this is usually attributed by people to the fact that marijuana 'opens your mind' to these my questions is does the THC in marijuana actually work on a part of the brain that say makes u 'smarter' or 'deep'..or do people who smoke pot become deep as a result of the culture associated wit pot...any views on this?.....:smoke:
  2. I think its more to do with learning while in an altered state of consciousness, when you are under the influence of weed, and you think of a good idea, or something spectacular, you use different neurons to make the connection to that idea, hence the feeling like you just learned something, even if the concept is something common while you are sober.

    I think marijuana is like taking a scenic route through your brain, if that makes any sense:smoke:
  3. I find alot of people just think what they're saying is deep but really they're just stoned and talking out of their ass :D
  4. man its not even about being seasoned its about not being a douche i smoke with people that dont get me wrong are cool as hell but like not mature enough to think for more than 30 seconds
  5. perhaps - marijuana does other than result with 'deep' thought / imagination - though it probably allows for the implementation of 'deep' thought / imagination due to - from my experience - enhancing expansiveness at our being

  6. Hmmmm, that makes sense to me.

    Well put.

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