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Marijuana and Asthma Questions...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mhaze21, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I've had asthma pretty much all my life, I'm 19 now. I've actually been hospitalized for it a few times when I was younger. Still have to take daily inhalers. If I dont take them for a few days in a row, I start to notice it. I did read that marijuana can help asthmatics by dilating the airways, making it easier to breathe. I can def. say that smoking marijuana DOES NOT make my asthma worse. I can say this because when I smoke cigars, or there is tobacco rolled in a spliff(which are both rare), I can feel it tighten my lungs. But MJ only doesnt. Does anyone have first hand experience using marijuana as asthma treatment? Could it yield a medical marijuana card in Colorado?

    Thanks for everything!
  2. one...!?

  3. old thread, but I guess it got swallowed up.

    I have also had asthma for a number of years, and I am curious as to whether asthma is a legit prescribed reason for medical mj. I live in Minnesota, where medical marijuana is not legalized yet, hopefully to be sometime in the future.
  4. marijuana smoke relaxes the throat whereas cigarret smoke constricts it... i think it would be safe to smoke a little just to find out... make sure u got ur inhaler tho.
  5. Bad asthma for my whole life. Eating pot is the best for me. Smoking doesnt agravate it much.
  6. I have asthma, it affects me seasonally. During the winter I usually get the most attacks, and numerous times I'll be outside or something and I get constricted breathing, then I take a bonghit and I can breathe fine.
  7. Had asthma nearly my whole life. 21 now and been smoking MJ regularly for about 2 years. I used to use the inhalers every day without question. A few weeks after starting smoking, I never needed my inhalers again except for the occasional bad day. I havent even had my Rx for like 6 months. Now my asthma was never that severe so I dont know about other people but it def. worked for me.
  8. I have very MILD asthma. Its never affected my life. Only when I run a couple miles will I start to weeze.

    As everyone else has said, smoking really does help asthma. For me it may tighen a bit, but once I'm stoned and relaxed, I breathe perfectly.
  9. I used to have horrible asthmah as well when i was younger i had just about every inhaler out there...about a year later i started smokeing weed and havent really seen an inhaler since then

  10. yea no shit, ive had asthma since i was little and for a long time visited the hospital on a weekly basis, about 1-2 years ago i stopped having attacks, and about 1-2 years ago i started smoking weed, now i dont know how to so this but i really think its good for me, it does open up the airway and only when i smoke alot does it close the airway...i hope MM comes to illinois soon.
  11. Weed definitely helps asthma in a few ways. Like said above, it dilates the airway and makes it easier to breath almost instantly. Also, if you have mucus buildup or anything else causing airway constriction, marijuana will help you cough it up. I live in Oregon and have heard of several instances of MM cards being issued for asthma.
  12. I am going to have to disagree. I've had bad asthma my whole life, and marijuana has only made my lungs worse. It has reduced my lung capacity, for one thing. And the next morning after smoking alot my lungs feel like shit, I cough up alot of mucus and can't take as deep of breaths. I've heard all about it opening up your airways and shit, and I agree, I can breath good when actually smoking. I have no asthma symptoms during my blazing sessions. But there is no way inhaling marijuana smoke is good in the long run for people with asthma. Smoking anything in general is not good for your lungs, don't be ignorant.
  13. Mhaze :

    You have to be nutz to smoke any tobacco at all if your diagnosed with asthma , sorry to hit you hard on that but common sense seems not to be a priority if you smoke cigars or blunts rolled with tobacco period .

    I started a long ways back in the late fifties and was using the " Byrd " machine at the Dr.'s office regularly and inhalers too . I was about 8 then .

    When I took my first hit of weed in 1964 I noticed right away I felt better over all . I was worried the stuff would mess my lungs up , but no it didn't . I quit for the majority of time in h . s . because if you got busted for any drug you lost your athletic eligibility forever period then in the early 60's were I lived :eek: .

    Then after quitting , I noticed I had to use inhalers AGAIN and hated it :mad: .

    When spring hit and my athletic career there was over I started to burn it again and noticed again I needed no inhaler and really made the connection of it's therapeutic value :smoke: .

    In h . s . I was the school's league h . s .champion and an all state wrestler two years in a row . In college I smoked just like Michael Phelps and like him ( although no where near as illustrious ) , it didn't stop me from being a two time league champion and be also one of the top junior college heavy weight wrestlers in my states district . So I never bought into that crap about how pot is a detriment to your health shit since h . s . :cool: at all !

    As far as smoking goes in general , weed included :rolleyes: :

    Hello Evangelion :

    Your point has validity in that there are people pre disposed to a sensitivity for smoke of any type , so here's what's up there in my opinion ;) .

    I recently tried a vaporizer and wow what a nice way to go . Smokeless and if your into flavor this is the real deal to use as far as that goes , and the economy of weed used vs smoking it , well a vaporizer once used is a no brainer on that question :hello: .

    Also eating it is a great way to use it if you have the time to make up a batch of brownies if you have really nice stuff :) because when it comes to eating it flavor , quality and freshness really count , as is stated , garbage in garbage out :( .

    Aloha :

    Local Boy
  14. Be aware, this is a 2 1/2 year old thread that has been bumped

  15. I'm aware this thread is 2-1/2 years old but I still want to add my input which may provide others insight if "medicinal" use of marijuana is pratical for asthmetics.

    Yes and no.

    Let me start by saying joints will tear your lungs apart into a triad of coughing battles. Blunts will feel smooth at first, later coughing up a pleghm pool. Bongs will just rip your lungs in half. But when it comes to vaporizers, this is my preferred method of smoking. Vapes will get you super baked AND it is by far the easiest on your lungs, as smooth as a baby's bottom but you do get the occasional marijuana cough. And of course the smoothest and easiest way to get high is to eat it.

    * Had asthma for 20 years
    * Hospitalized dozens of times
    * Uses inhaler daily
  16. i had asthma and i got hospitalised for it and i need to take two types of inhaler ea day then i stopped taking them because i found they made me weaker then later on when i started smoking weed my lungs are great now i can run for days and i hardly ever cough when sucking the life out of a bong.
  17. I've had asthma since birth, I'm 22 now, and like many before - was hospitalized because of it as a kid. For the most part, I rarely use my inhaler. I'll use it sometimes after I smoke, but for the most part - bud doesn't affect my lungs like tobacco seems to. Not sure why, but hey I'm complaining :smoking:
  18. I too mix a little tobacco with herb from time to time because I like how it tastes and smokes...but I also have a history of asthma and tobacco can really irritate my lungs. Sometimes my lungs wheeze in the morning. Recently though I've been using a volcano at night with strong Indicas, and my lungs are clear and free in the morning. No wheezing or coughing, no asthma. :D

    I chalk it up to smoking less tobacco plus the therapeutic effects from vape-ing. Indicas seem to have high CBD, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsive effects. Here is a cool page that talks about the chemicals in weed: Alphanova

    I also found an article from an old clinical study where marijuana was used to control bronchospasms in athmatic patients. It had significant effects controlling the asthma attacks compared to a placebo. I couldn't find the best link but here it is: Effects of Smoked Marijuana in Experimentally Induced Asthma

  19. i have had asthma since i was a small child and been on various asthma medications (albuterol, serevent, singulair, steroid inhalers, etc) for most of my life. i couldn't go a day without several hits from the rescue inhaler as well as the steroid inhaler and pills. several times i tried to wean myself from the medications, but inevitably i would end up gasping for breath and returning to the medication. i'm in good physical condition and have been involved in athletics since childhood.

    only within the last few years, after i happened to get reaquainted with weed (first time was in college), did i notice a similar lung-opening effect (bronchiodilation). i was skeptical that it would actually work as a treatment for asthma.

    one night, when i was having an asthma attack, i decided to test the theory and smoked a bowl during an attack. i was shocked to find out it actually stopped the attack and allowed me to breathe easily. i wouldn't advise such an experiment for everyone, but that sealed it for me. now i am completely off all medication, and i experience no asthma symptoms. i can run 3 miles with no asthma attacks, which would've been impossible when i was traditional asthma medicine. i don't smoke weed everyday, unlike how medicated i was on traditional medicine.
  20. When I was in about second grade I was hospitalized twice for asthma in the same year. I used a daily pill (singulair) or inhaler from that point onwards and my condition improved. When I started smoking freshman year of high school my need for a daily inhaler dissapeared, and by sophmore year my doctor told me I grew out of my asthma altogether. Although I do still get symptoms only when I am sick, I think weed helped cure my asthma and I even heard I can get medicinal liscense in WA state. :)

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