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marijuana and altitude sickness

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by john11, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. right now i live at sea level and im taking a week trip out to colorado with my family. last time i went (5 years ago) i got sick because of the altitude and couldnt sleep (not fun). i was not smoking at all back then. but currently i have been smoking pretty much everyday for the past 6 months. i plan on taking a tbreak when i got there. im leaving in 2 days. im gonna be in breckenridge (9600ft), but i am also going up to 12,000ft in other areas.

    should i not smoke today and tomorrow so my body is used to not having thc in me or should i smoke a ton before i leave?

    do you think this tbreak is a good idea or should i try and score some bud out there? articles online have said both good and bad things about marijuana at high altitudes :confused:

    ANY advice is appreciated. thanks:smoke:
  2. well the blunt would probably burn slower due to less oxygen
  3. chyeah boiiii, brecks the shit (i live there right now). Anyways i never noticed a difference when moving from wisco to here with blazing maybe other than you may get winded faster when smoking, idk :confused:

    lol anyways have fun man!

  4. Hmm, difficult call. You could react badly either way. I'd say have a joint the day before you go and see how you go. Have a little to top yourself up on THC, as it were. But not too much.

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