Marijuana: America's most dangerous drug

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  1. Who elected this nutbag? Does he get all his campaign contributions directly from the cartels? :confused:
  2. Wow! I haven't read anything that blatently false since Reagan was in office.
  3. Nobody believes this crap do they? :confused:
  4. he is wrong , Oxygen is the most dangerous drug , confirm to be using by more than 50m american and counting .
  5. yeah cuz oxygen can lead to water, and once you do water you'll never be able to stop until you're dead!:eek::eek: :smoke:
  6. By their reasoning, wouldn't tobacco or alcohol be the most dangerous drug? I can just picture the article now if it was about cigarettes.

    *Fake article

    8 million people discover cigarettes a year, many of them never stop smoking

    Kids as young as 5 discover tobacco in cigarettes. Some go on to be addicted to heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Some other kids just stick with cigarettes and go on to be normal, productive citizens.:)
  7. I think you'd be surprised at just how many people do believe it.
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    I love reading the comment sections to articles like this. Makes me warm inside to know there are (some) people who know the truth and that people will fight back against idiots like the author of that article.
  9. Unfortunately I have to agree with bigglesworth. It's pretty funny that there seem to be more cannabis users that have the intelligence and motivation to dig for the truth and disseminate it from all the half-truths and lies.
  10. What a load of big fat hairy BALLS...anyone a gun to shot that fuc*in ass hole..
    Pharmaceutical's.... now there's a dangerous setup of drugs....
    Anyone agree???
  11. I read through the comments at the publisher's site and out of the 30 or 40,not one agreed with the article,,,,and there are 120 comments.
  12. stong statement I been smoking since 13 I turned out okay? :cool:
  13. the face of a dumbass
  14. Haha, the best part about that article are it's comments. Every single comment rips on the author. Anyone notice that every single one of these bullshit prohibitionist articles are written in a manner akin to fith grade persuasive essays? First, blablahblahblah, then blahablah, also blahblahblahi didn't get laid until i was 40blahblah
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  16. 33% thc.......sure would like some of thoose beans!
  18. RAGE! Ignorant hippocritical fucks. I'll just pack another bowl. :smoke: wish I had some of that 33% THC bud :D

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