Marijuana a divine test?

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  1. I was reading some other post on this forum and felt I had to share a revelation I just had.

    Im a teenager 18 years old, I'm a Luthren that goes to church every week, I have had first communion, I have confirmed my faith in God and jesus christ. Being a teenager is tough sometimes and most recently my best friend was diagnosed with stage 4 hodgkins lymphomia cancer. He is suffering greatly and well at FCA (Fellowship Of Christian Atheletes through my school its a service you can go to with your school friends.) and I break down sobing because I have to slowly watch my friend suffer an as I prayed with a leader he told me, "whatever happens to your friend it is Gods will let it mean death or life, his condition is a way God tests us in our faith."

    I believe Marijuana is a test, God put it on earth for us and its numerous uses and it has great medical qualities. Now there are people that hate the thought of using marijuana and making it acceptable such as politicians an uneducated people.

    We are the believers we belive its medicinal purposes as well as its other numerous purposes. God believes in us and we have passed the test of enlightenment through the "illusion"of marijuana. May we contiue to educated and fight for the sick and dying. This is one of Gods test to see if there are believers in the purpose for God creating marijuana.

    It might sound sketchy but thats a general idea straight out of my head! agree, disagree i feel it is deep and heart felt.

    Can I get an Amen? haha
  2. i mean, i sort of agree. I think all drugs are essentially a "test." To me, wisdom comes from experience, and you can expierience quite a lot with drugs, and open up doors that otherwise would be locked up forever. However, its easy to get lost in the drugs, and fail the test by not sticking to moderation. Thats my take on drugs, and it being some kind of test - correct use will make you wiser, but there are still consequences
  3. Amen.

    If god didn't want pot around, it wouln't be.

    Also, the burning bush aint no metaphor. Moses was getting baked.

  4. i can agree. i think marijuana is a gift. for those of us who can use it the right way, will reap the benefits while naive people can stick to their depression medication and sleeping pills.
  5. It is all a test of moderation imo. Moderation is the key!
  6. Well Amen no matter what religion you identify yourself to means: "I believe".

    There is no way of really knowing how many gods there are, if one even exists.
    Although, I can say if there are 10 or 15, together as ONE they make up the God.
  7. I don't believe in the man made religions but your theory is pretty cool.
  8. I understand what you mean about the voodoo an things an im open to other religions this is how i grew up believing in God, so please dont question my faith to others. i have no problem with whatever God you pray to.
  9. I like your theory, i've had the same thoughts a few times about cannabis too and how it is just an illusion that is mainstreamed through society
  10. Amen to the OP and amen to moderation.
  11. What so do we win? Fuck I'm wasted.
  12. We win knowledge and enlightenment that the goverment doenst want us to have but God does :)

  13. So you don't think there is a biblical message to obey the laws of the land?
  14. Laws of God > Laws of Man

  15. More universal you mean?
  16. More universal
    More important
    More impossible to break

    But my definition of law of god is probably different than most others.
    Like I'd consider scientific laws (not theories) all laws of god.
    But I don't consider things like the commandments laws of god.
    It's complicated and I'm getting off track

    Point is, if I think god wants me to do something, or simply doesn't mind if I do (such as smoking weed) then I'll do it.

    If the law tells me not to do something and I still want to do it, I'll find a way around the law.
  17. weed is a gift. the sooner everyone in the world realizes this, the sooner we can live in a laid back, chilled out world. think about it if weed was embraced all around the world as a gift from god......that's a world that i want to live in.

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