Marijuana a cure for hiccups!

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    OK so Today I worked my ass off and I was sore as hell, even the dank with hash couldn't help my back....So I was tellin' a buddy of mine who I medicate with about my issue, he said he had the same problem and had some Hydrocodone from his doc for a knee injury at work, so needless to say he gave me a few.....

    So, hesitant due to my dislike of prescription drugs I took 1 hydrocodone and drank a beer as is my usual daily routine.Feeling great after an hour, I continued to drink and took another hydrocodone, about 20 minutes later I was developing a case of hiccups, a serious and painful case of hiccups. I tried all the usual tricks, holding my breath, spoon of sugar, 7 up, and a few others but nothing helped it just got worse.....

    After about 15 minutes of hiccups, I was out of ideas and very stressed so I needed to smoke! :smoke:

    I grabbed my piece and packed a nice bowl... hiccuping the whole time.....

    Taking 5 fat rips I held each in longer and longer... after number five I burped some smoke... and that was it!!!!!!! :eek:

    My hiccups were gone!!! :hello:

    So I am making this thread as a promotion for Marijuana as a cure for hiccups!!!! Enjoy!!! :wave:
  2. Or maybe the last hiccup was its last, well never know :rolleyes:

    I encourage people to test this theory however.
  3. Maybe the burp was the reason you were hiccuping and it was cured so they stop.... I usually start to burp when I hiccup then when the burping stops so do they, a few people I talked to said the same thing happens to them so maybe there is some correlation... Of course this is all based on assumptions rather than fact so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Based on severity of the hiccups and the sudden end after smoking I would say the occurrence may be more then coincidence???:confused_2:

    But yes I too encourage the theory be tested by others that are ailed with a stubborn case of hiccups....
  5. Oh yes I burped plenty before the hiccups stopped...only the final smoke filled burp seemed to end the hiccups.
  6. I'm with Hashmouf on this one.
  7. Gosh I think this is the only time I've ever actually wanted to have the hiccups, so i can test the theory lol
  8. ironically, I read in a study that THC has been found to stop hiccups, let you know if I can find it again!
  9. Burping smoke sounds painful. Wouldn't you have a stomach ache having that smoke in your stomach?
  10. i dont remember the last time i had hiccups?
  11. I just found this thread (and board) via a "marijuana hiccups" search. Because I had the hiccups, smoked some weed, and now I don't. Greatest. Plant. Ever.
  12. the reason you had hiccups is from the pain meds man
  13. It really does work! :eek:

    Hiccups by Ben (anecdotal – undated) Hiccups by Ben

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    Usually, by the third hit, my hiccups disappear! :smoking:(I like this cure better than holding your breath, and it works better! :D )

    Hashmouf, isn't it nice when science backs your theory up? :yay: Now get a copy of my List so you have all the MMJ info at your fingertips! (See the bottom of my sig for my email.)

    Granny :wave:
  14. should never take prescription medication with alcohol in the first place
  15. It also cures a stuffy nose
  16. Yeah yesterday I went xmas shopping while on something, and u got the hiccups at least 8 times that day.
    I was smoking a lot of cigs too, bit never got hiccups off opees before
  17. [quote name='"Whatchujuanado"']the reason you had hiccups is from the pain meds man[/quote]

    Shut your mouth...ol know it all motherfucker
  18. I have just tried this theory, and I can assure you it's a fact. I just had the the hiccups so about 2 minutes later I decided to roll a joint (just marijuana), I still had the hiccups after my first puff, but after I had inhaled it about 4-5 times my hiccups had completely gone. 👍 great post

    Seriously great thing to do
  19. Also might I add, I hadn't taken any pills or alchol, I had only had breakfast
  20. it works! I've had them all day today since like 9am. It's 6pm now... And all day, hiccups were bad. Really damn bad. And the usual remedies (holding breath, tongue, etc) that ALWAYS work on me weren't working. I had to resort to punching my chest where the diaphragm is to get them to stop for only like 20 mins. This really bad case was probably from the steroid shot I had last night, to reduce inflammation from a recent surgery. Anyways, I finally got home, read this, smoked a bowl, by the 3rd hit they were gone COMPLETELY. I had to make this accoun to post this bc of how much I suffered today. Thanks marijuana
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