Marijuana: a cause of weird events?

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that once you get high weird shit that wouldn't normally happen will happen. Like you could have a boring ass week and one day decide to toke up and within some time some messed up shit happens? It always happens to me and my buddy and it raises the question: Does weed somehow change reality allowing weird shit to happen? But then again in baked writing this soo I could just be me. :D

    Share your opinions! And happy toking to all! :smoke:
  2. Ummm, YEAH!

    Believe it or not i was in class the other day and i was looking across the class at some cute girl, BTW i was high off my ass, and my upper thigh near my pocket started vibrating, as if it was ringing. And i don't have a phone to let you know. And the girl looked at her phone, ended it and put it back in her pocket. Then again, i felt two short buzzes in the same spot. As if she left a voice mail.

    And one more:

    I was grading some tests that students took on an english test.
    I had been given around 65 tests to grade as well as with an answer key to grade with.
    As i was grading the tests i started noticing some strange patterns.
    I marked them on a piece of paper on what i thought some of the answers were.
    I wrote the following:
    I then went and get the test and looked at the questions.
    I didn't even know what the right answer was so i went to the professor and showed him my new found answers.
    And god dammit believe it or not those 3 answers were right.
    I found the mistakes to an answer key without even the test.

    This must be the sign of something >.>
  3. Dude thats definitely a sign that marijuana is a cause of weird shit. Maybe thats why the government hates it so much, cause it breaks through the illusions of reality and shows what really is going on, even if it might seem strange. I dunno but it just seems that way too me.
  4. Not to be a downer, but it could just be that when weird shit happens when you're high, it seems more intense. Cannabis heightens awareness... so in a sense, the weird events seem weirder when you're high, which literally does make them weirder. Something that might not have even seemed weird sober could be fascinating when high. I think it's got more to do with your perception because you are high than that weirder things actually happen because you are high.
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    Hell yeah! Or if your a christian and is offended, i meant 'heaven yeah!'

    What you are talking about is simply the law of attraction. Also known as karma. If you go to work and talk nice to everybody you will recieve nice vibes. If you're being an asshole, you will recieve ass in your face. Metaphoricly speaking, that is.
    When your mind is wierd, it attracts wierd events. Haven't you ever been around a group of drunk or high people sober? It's fucked. You will recieve and maybe react to their vibes, acting different and thereby creating other emotions.
    Emotions = energy in motion. And for me, the whole world is just energy merely condemmed to slowly vibration. Bill Hicks ladies and gentlemen :smoke:

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