marijuana-1, freevibe-0!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by phunkyphil, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. if you guys hate those lying, prejudiced bastards at freevibe as much as i do, this should make you all happy.. it seems that a little something got by their heavily moderated (read: responsible and intelligent drug users arent welcome) message boards.. enjoy!

    2002-03-09 09:15:57

    Chillum -- I grew up in a fairly norml household, and I'd like to think that my parents did a good job raising me. They've taught me how to screen out all the blackness and only take in the good. The tiny seed that I once was has now blossomed into a beatiful sweet smelling flower, that brings happiness and love to everyone I come in contact with. My only wish is that other people can learn to share the same good vibe I've been sharing all my life, and finally see the blunt truth that having fun is truely the best high anyone can ever hope to accomplish. My dream is that one day everyone of ever nation will give up all their impurities, and join me in my quest for unity and enlightenment. Perhaps one day the trumpets and pipes of heaven will blaze in all of our lives...and maybe then we will all finally live in peace.

    ..this just made my day ;)
  2. lol do i detect a hidden message?
  3. Swwweeet!! and very creative.

    Freevibe is such a load of propaganda shit...nice to know a few of us have infultrated the enemy :)

  4. I don't get it... free vibe what? As per usual i give my excuse- I'm welsh...

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