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Marihuana Breakthrough

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ZomakMk7, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Hi every one, its my first post!
    Idk if there is a trip report section so i'll post as a question.

    Has any one of you ever had a breakthrough with marihuana?

    Has anyone encountered entities in their trips?
    Last October i took part in a ritual and marijuana after that experience for me has changed alot and its way more psychedelic.
    So about 3 months ago i smoked with a few friends and in one point i had some sort of breakthrough , i closed my eyes and was blasted through a spiraled tunnel into this dimension where eveything was yellow and orange squares, i felt someone standing next to me, "he" didnt talk but i somehow i knew he was telling me to see the sculpture that he had made in the middle of this place (it was somehow 4d) and didnt want me to look at him, he insisted that i should look at the sculpture.
    I looked at it for a bit and then was decided to see who was next to me, never in my life i had to use so much strength to look over my shoulder and it felt like it took a solis 4 minutes till i saw him, he had a human shape but was "invisible" like in the movies where the character has a distortion field, as soon as a saw him i opened my eyes and was in my living room again,no time past i just blinked.
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  2. pot doesnt do that to me anymore no matter how strong or edibles. maybe if i take a 6 month or 1 year break or longer but no.

    were u smoking it with the synthetic dangerous herbs ? its all personal so u could see ghosts or saucers while another person is just feeling like playing fotnite

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