Mariana Trench

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  1. James Cameron sets submarine diving world record | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

    So James Cameron set the record for deepest solo dive in a submarine, must be nice.. But now he is planning on visiting the trench.

    I do look forward to what he finds and films. Maybe he'll come across some "The Abyss" shit..
  2. Pretty cool, i for one can't wait till they explore vostok
  3. What a bossss.
  4. I would be TERRIFIED if i had to dive that deep. So much can go wrong, and you have to spend so much time down there due to pressures and whatnot.

    Also, that's where Cthulhu lives, so i'd prefer to avoid that.
  5. The pressure down that low is unbelievable. Crazy engineering goes into those subs
  6. anyone else read this as "marijuana" trench
  7. He's probably looking for the Titanic or some shit like that.
  8. anyone?
  9. I'll bite. Gave me a chuckle or two
  10. [quote name='"AshTapper33"']

    Everyone gets one.
  11. just gets me that a Carl Sagan quote is his sig. lawl.
  12. [quote name='"PeruvianDank"']He's probably looking for the Titanic or some shit like that.[/quote]

    Lol :p
  13. What James Cameron is doing seems awesome.
  14. i agree, first avatar, now this.
  15. I figured James Cameron out.. As a youth, he had an encounter with an alien. Alien dude told him about how his home is under the sea. When James told friends, they were like 'that'd be an epic movie Jimmy'. So he made it to make money. Money to fund other epic movies n help prepare him for his original, most daring adventure, to find and film the aliens in the abyss..

  16. Like a movie within a movie. Very cool.

  17. First avatar... lol
  18. id take me some edibles down there and get stoned man....i really would

  19. Fuck that just hot box the sub!:smoke:
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    sweeet...speakers with the black smokers!!!! :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    edit: black smokers like those little black chemical volcanoes at the veeeery deep bits of the ocean, not like black people....fuck i get paranoid but it cant be helped

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