Mardi Gras

Discussion in 'General' started by aeroblurg, Feb 25, 2001.

  1. I was at the Mardi Gras praid today and shit that was something to try and remember! First I got there at like 11 with some friends and we were stoned as hell screaming for beeds and shit and then I here some one yell at us saying something like "shut the fuck up you pot smoking hippy!" Thats something I really don't care for, people calling me a hippy. im not a hippy. I'm a stoner. some people don't know the diffrence from pot head and hippy. any way, later I got to see someone die, the dude had fome comming out of his mouth. And all through out the day I say many drunk girl's tits. All the floats this year had a keg and a johney-on-the-spot. its was a very exciting mardi gras this year.
  2. i wasnt allowed to go to mardi gras. :(
  3. i was grounded
  4. Mardigras is epic. Good story OP
  5. This beats the record for the oldest thread ever bumped, congrats. If I could downvote you I would.
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