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Mardi Gras

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobie-Doo!, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. I plan on going to Mardi Gras this month and was just wondering if anyone else had that trip in mind. My friend and his family are going down there and they invited me to go with them. We are gonna stop off in Mississippi first though because they have family there, and I'm gonna get an ounce of bud. My friend is gonna get a couple ounces too, so we will be set. It's crazy though because his family has ALL the hookups down there so we are gonna be able to get an ounce of kb for 90. Can't wait cuz we can't get a deal anywhere near that good around here.

    So anyone goin to Mardi Gras?
  2. never been and don't have plans on going this year. but i hear louisiana laws are rather strict. if u get busted they CAN arrest you. i duno where ur from so i duno how this compares with ur laws. around here its just a ticket as long as ur not carrying over like 3 oz's.

    oh yea i was watching a cops special where they were roaming around in plain clothes durin mardi gras and busted SO many ppl for tokin up. even if the person just had a bowl of weed on them, they got arrested.
  3. I'm from TN. and the laws around here are pretty strict too. What I will probably do is go get really blazed before I go out into the masses. (Maybe smoke alot where we are staying, and smoke on the way)

    I love to watch cops and I've seen similar stuff. I'm not gonna be actin crazy or retarded like alot of the people do on there, so I think I should be ok. Just gotta play it safe :)
  4. yea thats a good idea. of course if it wasnt for the strict laws the best thing to do would be to roll up a few blunts and stay freshly stoned throughout the night. what a great occassion too. i bet if the laws weren't so strict all the people walking around would replace their cups of beer with a blunt, and have a much better time =P
  5. I will still have to have a couple blunts rolled. There's got to be some way to smoke around there. I mean there's so many people.

    Any suggestions?
  6. all I know is 3/11 ON 311.

    ..or, it 311 ON 3/11!!!!
  7. i cant help but wonder, as i pull out my paper football shaped sackonugs, is this what the porno industry is all about

    paper footballs and aluminum? i mean, is it really that unfathomable that 20,000 leagues under the sea requires alot of water and octopi? now pausing for station identification... and by pausing for station identification i mean starting winamp and hitting the bud some more
    for some reason the image of will farrel as janet reno comes to mind...big carol look out meril dodge the treacherous monkey tail peril, just imagine a buncha monkey tails swinging down and flailing about everywhere as you , first, giggle and laugh and think its funny, but when it starts raining poo worse than a septic tank powered fire hydrant, you know someones gotta be buyin some stock in ex-lax, i mean, come on, the shit is gonna be a constant, around EX LAX for christs sake..

    speakin of christ...he said he wants some pot, fish, bread, some water, pizza, and a microwave and he'll be set to come and kick it at beaver lick i subtract a little marijuana from the pigskinlike metaphor of a baggie and jam out to some hendrix, toast the remnants of this bowl, reflect upon my day, and pack another.....
    (i awoke, smoked a cig, went to work, and basically spent the day with einahpets, which is a plus, then i got off of work, and went and spent the night with eiahpets, watched a couple movies, made funny faces at each other, anyfuckinways ive decided that the spasms in my legs feet tjogs jo[samd everuwjere e;se pm ,u bpdu os twocjtomg becaise o, rea;;u ficlomg stpmed//////adsfglja.....WELL...i guess my typings fucked itself out the window with supermans cape in the dryer, batman is forced to hurm spam in the direction of michelle pfifer while jim carey dr. peppers honest abe until ole billy shakespeare mushrooms are fun, im ready for spring.....

  8. I agree whole heartedly :)
  9. namron...i gotta hand it to you, that is the best stoned babble i've heard in a while

  10. :D Yup, I was there in '02, it was a blast. they played for like 4 hours straight. Madness.

  11. gettin goosebumps :) yeah I heard the sets are crazy long! thats great stuff!
  12. 4 hours?? how the hell? When i used to be in a band, i could only sing for maybe an hour long show at max (without a break)... and i was only vocals. My drummer would be almost dead at the end of a typical 45 minute show, i couldnt see anyone being able to play for 4 hours straight... or anyone really wanting to listen to a 4 hour long show of ONE band, straight...
  13. Ya, it was crazy. My friend figured it up, they played over 2/3 of all the songs they've ever recorded, especially a lot of their older stuff. They took like a 10 min break half way through, but start to finish was like 3 hours 45 min. P-nut came out smokin a J after the break, and when he had to play, he just stuck it in the neck of his bass between the strings. He kept takin hits between songs. I was down in the standing/pit area about 30 feet from the stage the whole time, and damn, my legs were hurtin by the end. When they played "Who's got the herb" you could just see the cloud of smoke rise. Best concert ever. (The first time I ever smoked pot was at that concert.)
  14. yea live performances are one of the best gauges of talent. if any of u are into hip hop(and even if ur not), u need to see the roots live. best live show in hip hop period.

    they are a BAND. they play all the instruments, NO DJ. up till a few months ago they had a beat boxer always with them doin what a DJ normally does. he is no longer part of the group now though. anyways they will play a 4 hr set with no hesitation and NO BREAKS. every song links into the next and every song is different from their album versions. u can definitely see their jazz influences in their live performances.
    they also do covers/parodies of currently popular songs and such.

    they are ALWAYS on tour man. hardest working group in hip hop i say. but ya for u non hip hop heads, they are still a must see. u will not be starin at a winded MC for 4 hrs. u will be watching a skilled band jam out.

    the roots drummer (name is ?uestlove) produced for a lotta big name ppl. he is drumming on that joss stone joint "fell in love with a boy", and he is kinda regular on chapelle's show.

    the roots ex-guitarist (ben kenney) is the new guitarist for incubus.

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