Mardi Gras in Soulard

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by vatoloco, Mar 3, 2003.

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  1. Lucky for me I remembered to bring my camera down to Mardi Gras yesterday....but before we get into all that I wanted to show you blades how much it it snowed the night before.
  2. Here\'s another one of the snow, I resized the pics so they\'ll be less than 50k each.

    Shit, gotta run an errand...I\'ll do this later NO ONE POST YET!
  3. K back to the fun stuff, the next day was insane...a friend of mine\'s mom dropped us off in Soulard so we wouldn\'t need to find a place to park. It wasn\'t that crowded before the parade started but then again it was only 10:30 in the morning and people had just started drinking.
  4. What are all these guys looking at?! Only one thing can draw a crowd this big...
  5. ...titties!
  6. Back to the streets...
  7. A friend of mine lives smack dab in the middle of Soulard in a second story apartment and there were parties going on all around us.
  8. ok ok ok....more titties!
  9. My mom and a couple of her friends stopped by to check on us...
  10. yay kitties!!!

    ...oh, you said titties...

    well that\'s even better

    why isn\'t this in pandora\'s box?
  11. ...and her reward for the flashing.

  12. Does it really matter?

  13. Yes it does matter!

    Moving to Pandoras Box
  14. Sorry bout that, thanks for moving it!

    Guess I figured since the general public seen them hooters that the General forum could too

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