Marc Emery to plead guilty.

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    Fucking. Bullshit. Marc Emery Set To Plead Guilty and Spend Five Years in US Jail

    Marc is finally going to be extradited to the land of the free after his marijuana seed business was raided by the DEA a while back.
    I challenge anybody to find a more peaceful, positive man than Marc Emery, and my thoughts go to his wife Jodie and friends.

    Update, if your in these areas, please go give Marc some support. Marc Emery Plans Farewell Canada Tour: The Prince Says Goodbye For Now
  2. Wow this is bullshit.
  3. Agreed, it IS bullshit.Anytime anyone is jailed when they did absolutely no harm to anyone - it's a travesty. Damn the DEA. It's time those skunks were reigned in.

    Again, write your Fed and State Reps. Let's stop this war on peaceful people, NOW!
  4. Tweeted...
  5. Just a friendly update from the man himself...

    [ame=]YouTube - The Prince of Pot and Jodie: Big Changes[/ame]

    Help spread the movement
  6. Yeah thanks guys, and thanks stoned, i am too baked to remember why i didn't post the video too lol.
  7. Man, look at the pain on that woman's breaks my heart.
  8. What the fuck :mad: Doesn't this country have bigger problems that they should be concerned about :confused:

  9. Exactly, the DEA pisses me off so much when they break apart families like this.
  10. Let's bust him out.
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    no. this is fucking bullshit.

    this is political war. they say the drug war is over, but still go after emery seeds. extradition is fucking absurd. the US government has succeeded in shutting down his fucking magazine, breaking apart his family and business to silence marijuana users.

    this is fucking bullshit. the drug war is still on. and it's about time we stop fucking remaining silent. us sitting here, doing nothing. is doing nothing. they are not listening to our words. they are not listening to doctors. they think they are all fucking powerful and that they have the power over us as human beings. well they don't. they are no better than any of us. i don't care if you shoot black tar heroin directly into your fucking eyeball in front of your children. it's no one place to tell you that they are better than you, or what you do is wrong.

    no one is fucking listening to us. we need to take to the fucking streets. break shit. fucking light up weed in every building we see, toke bongs walking down the street. there are more pot heads than cops. it's about time we take the weed out of our bedroom and bring it to the courtrooms. this is fucking absurd. it's gone on long enough and i'm fed up.

    we are enemy combatants in a war on drugs. taking our punishment isn't the way to better the cause. if a cop wants to arrest you for enjoying a plant. run. if he catches you punch him in the fucking face, and if he pulls his gun. fucking take his gun and fucking shooot that fucking pig fucker. it's a war, and it's about time the fucking tables are turned. marijuana is a peaceful plant. but we are the michael vick dogs. caged, then put against eachother.

    it's about time we bite the hand out the motherfucker who's caging us.
  12. I don't understand why he would plead guilty, go down swinging and get the publicity of a crazy 3 ring circus trial.
  13. because he was facing life in prison for the bullshit charges.
  14. This is really the right time for a huge protest about this. Where exactly is his court date set? There should be 25,000 people sitting down, blocking the entrance to the courthouse. As much publicity as this is going to bring, it's time for people to be heard about it.

    The thing is, it's our job to make as much noise about this as possible. So tweet it, myspace it, facebook it. Join meetup groups and start threads on every forum you belong to and tell people to come out and support freedom for Marc Emery, cause right now, he needs all the voices he can get, screaming to the top of our lungs that this is unjust and plain wrong.

    Fuck the DEA. Fuck the IRS. Fuck the whole goddamn ass backwards, crooked, money grubbing system. Guys like this go to prison and fuck twits like Sarah Palin run entire states. It's a mad world...

    [ame=]YouTube - Mad World - Gary Jules[/ame]

  15. I like your enthusiasm, but we can't go around killing cops. We'd be worse than the people that started this bullshit problem. I know you're just angry, and I completely feel that. It is targeted prosecution. Why doesn't the DEA bust more cocaine or heroine dealers instead of this guy? They're trying to make an example out of him, and now is the time for marijuana users to stand up and protest.
  16. Brilliant. That song is amazing, too.
  17. Marc Emery is god.

    I'm going to bust him out the minute he gets into US prison. Who wants to join?
  18. I'm all for lobbying for him and doing what I can to help get the charges against him dropped, because in the end it is all bullshit.

    But damn, he is such a cocky mother fucker. I think he considers himself to be the next coming of Christ.
  19. If you ask me he's earned the right to be a cocky mother fucker. I remember in a 60 Minutes episode awhile back he spoke straight out against the DEA saying he would sell more seeds and grow more pot than the DEA could handle and would completey outsource the workings of DEA's "WAR ON DRUGS/POT". And also if he was the next coming of Christ I would become a devout Christian:yay:
  20. I thought the point of jail was to convince people not to break the law. I just don't see Marc Emery having that kind of revelation in jail. All he is gonna do is recruit more people for his War on the War on Drugs.

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