Marc Emery to Appear in Court Tomorrow

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    Sovereignty: Marc Emery is a Canadian hero

    EDIT: Marc Emery turned himself in. Just in case people don't know.
  2. I apologize for my government being retarded. Goes to show you what a "progressive" leader Obama is for actually letting this go through!
  3. i persoanlly get retty pissed of to think that our country can go around policing other countries. this is a perfect example of it.

    also mar emery is great and all, but everytime i see aninterview with him i cant help but think how anmnoying he is! maybe he smoked a lil to much haha

    EDIT: oh i wonder if anything will change because of obamas presidency.
  4. I don't get how those sick fucks can come into our country and arrest the guy.

  5. Man that's a crying shame, unfair, unjust, illegal....i could go on and on. As much as i know Emery would love to be chilling at his shop and continuing with his wildly successful magazine, I almost think that this is the only logical endgame for him. I just wish he didn't have to take it on the chin for the US and Canada to see just how screwed these archaic laws have become. I think he knows that the DEA wants to make an example and break the back of the MJ legalization movement....your about 10 years too late bitches.

    Incarcerating Emery will serve only to brand him a martyr and fulfill his goal of speaking out to the we need to become more and more energized to vindicate this man to continue his legacy and finally show our elected officials that the fucking Constitution had it abundantly right when it started "WE the People...." Well, we the people have been abundantly clear on MJ laws in the US and it seems to fall on deaf ears or conservative slander artists who think their audience is a bunch of misinformed idiots who have no legs to stand on. NOTICE: The bullshit gateway platform: LIE. MJ causes cancer and brain cell death: LIE. MJ makes blacks and mexicans more likely to covet white women: LIE. (Check out Reefer Madness and you can see the deep seated racism that was the sole factor in banning MJ and moving it to a schedule 1 drug. This shit ball propaganda film came out in 1936 and was a major factor in banning cannabis use and hemp manufacturing.)

    In this day and age where we cannot even account for the right to give our citizens affordable and stellar health care. Where billions of taxpayer money is funneled into the failing war on drugs and prohibition. Where alcohol and tobacco deaths alone reached 600,000 people (not including drunk driving fatalities and second hand smoking) we are sending a man to jail for a natural, unprocessed plant....a fucking weed. How can you control what was made before we ever existed...that's pretty arrogant and stupid in my opinion. Being a bully can have its perks, you get lunch money, you are feared and no one fucks with you....the downside is that you can't give karma a wedgie, it always catches up to you. US has been the big boy on the block and currently we are taking karma to the face and it tastes like a bunch of pissed off, intelligent people who are tired of the big bully "telling" them how to think, how to act, when to get mad....we are better than this.

  6. It's got nothing to do with Obama, it's that slimy fuck Harper bending over so the Americans can fuck us. Unfortunately, Canadas politicians are all too spineless to ever stand up and say no to our backwards neighbour.
  7. I guess they're arresting another famous face because arresting Tommy Chong had so much effect. not.
  8. Yep ante up taxpayers. Now we have to pay for another innocent civilian to be incarcerated for something that isn't a crime to begin with.
  9. I hate that my country is so full of political bullies. Its really sad in a way but mostly its a disgusting thing to do.
  10. Yea,its the same thing with tommy, he didnt do anything but sell bongs, even though every fucking store online sells them :sarcasm:
  11. It has everything to do with Obama. Obama is in charge of the justice department and it would only take a phone call for him to say "Listen, as your superior I command you not to extradite him". I realize hes a busy man but still he could at least show us he is a halfway decent politician
  12. He could stop it but it isn't his fault it's happening, this process was started by the DEA long before Obama was elected. I doubt he would ever consider stopping something that an agency he supports initiated, but Canada's government could stop the extradition of one of it's citizens simply by refusing to cooperate with the DEA.
  13. sadly, Canada has never denied an extradition request by the United States, and most likely will not in the recent future due to our closely intertwined economic systems.
  14. And they wonder why people smoke weed. The world is a terrible terrible place, where your freedom is a joke.
  15. It's complete bullshit how Canada is basically there to serve the States, we give them a fuck-ton of resources, and when the President says jump Harper asks "How high?"
  16. I think any time is too much. I love paying for shit we (the US) shouldn't be involved in anyway, definitely the best use of my tax dollars.
  17. Fucking sad how our politicians are such pussies getting pushed around.

  18. thats cool. i think he was getting 15 years originally :smoking:

    it'll be interesting to see if he comes up with any good legalization ideas during his time in prison.

    How's he gonna survive 5 years with out weed?

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