Marc Emergy going to jail for life?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokage567, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. WTF?

    I just watched a documentary on Marc Emery, and at the end it said he was facing an extradition to the U.S where they would try him as a major drug trafficker and if he was convicted he would serve life without parole.

    All because he sold pot seeds over the internet

    I got to listen to a part of it where they had a couple drug officers spew propaganda about how marijuana "addiction" ruins lives, and messes up neighborhoods and schools.

    Then again, Marc Emery definitely asked for it. He was trying to provoke the authorities. (I.E He sold pot and pot seeds outside a police station)

    Still, life without parole? I've seen murderer's get off with 15 years.....

    They also ranked Marc Emery one of "America's Most Wanted", saying he was the largest drug trafficker in Canada.


  2. We have a street named after him here, its like 2 blocks from my place.
  3. HONESTLY. i dont like him at all, in fact i nearly hate him. but i do not want to see him go to jail thats just not right.

    and hes in canada, the US has no power there other then asking the canadians. and apparently the candian people LOVE him so i doubt hes goin anywhere.

    his idea to overgrow america... DUMASS THAT WOULD FUCK EVERYTHING UP. he needs to think b4 he starts sum huge bullshit plan that wont work. will get people in trouble, and if it did work. fuck up the ecosystem even more then it already is.


    i dont like marc emery
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    Well thats bullshit. I mean life? Thats fuckn harsh
  5. What do you mean by overgrow america? What plan? He was selling seeds to people he shouldnt have been selling to.
  6. I highly doubt he's going to be extradited to the united states.... Like waffle said the canadians love the mother fucker... I find him rather annoying...

    I don't want to see him go to jail either but you shouldn't taunt the police.... Your average joe would of already been arrested...
  7. I think that he would be in the clear if he didnt have such a high profile. I mean, there are website that sell weed, and ship it right to your house in 3 days, they have been up for years now without any busts.

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