Marboro and Cannabis Genetics

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  1. So I've seen these pictures of a marboro cigarette pack outfitted for marijuana floating around for a few years. It was clearly fake but I always thought "God forbid if that ever happens" the cigarettes companies have monopolized tobacco and made it so much worse than it originally was by adding all sorts of chemicals and disgusting shit. That's the last thing I want to have done to Cannabis, it's such a beautiful plant and it's exactly like big corporations and the government to fuck up such an amazing thing. HERES THE BAD PART. I recently read an article that marb and some large food corporation (the name has slipped me) have teamed up together to create a new strain. In this strain they are heavily fucking around with genetics and are creating one of the highest THC content plants of all time. This strain is suppose to hit the shelves in the the medical dispensaries in Colorado and Washington and other similar states by 2016. I pray that you true stoners boycott this piece of shit strain. And I pray that this fucking shit never makes it to shelves. It's only the first step to cigarette companies monopolizing cannabis.

    "We made nature illegal. This just shows how unnatural we have become"
  2. If they want to increase the THC level without fucking with anything else, I support that. I pray that yeah, they do not add nicotine and formadylhyde and lead paint and carbon monoxide to it. Yuk.
  3. not going to happen like that. when it comes out in mass form sold in packs about 3% thc will be max allowed. that might even be a high number, probably 1.2 to 2.5% norm. to sell the most they do not want you good with a 1 hit quitter when you can consume the whole she bang in one sitting and have to go back and buy more.
  4. It's a large cigarette corp. do you really expect that's all they will be fucking with? I mean, raising THC levels isn't that bad. That could be beneficial to a lot of patients. But I rather have home growers doing that by taking the best genetics. I think it's really unnatural to be fucking directly with cannabis DNA. I'm sure they will fuck with it and make it produce pesticides like they do with everything now a days. Large food corp and cig corp working together on cannabis genetic? Do people understand how incredibly horrible these corporations are. And for them to be working with marijuana, it just hurts my heart. I don't want the cannabis industry going that direction.

    "We made nature illegal. This just shows how unnatural we have become"
  5. What do you mean it's not gunna happen like that? I will try to find the article I read. But they are coming out with a strain to be sold in dispensaries, maybe eventually in packs like you said but this IS happening. They already have a strain name and everything. And it's supposedly guna be hitting the shelves in the recreational and medical cannabis community by 2016. They see that the Tobacco industry is at a down fall and that cannabis use is rising.

    "We made nature illegal. This just shows how unnatural we have become"
  6. Who cares? Dont like the crap they put in the weed? Don't buy it, go to a grower, shop, etc. so many freak out when they hear big tobacco is getting in the field.

    What did you think they'd do? Let the money go? We will still have small markets and grows that won't add the additives and all the shit you guys fear. Get over it.

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  7. High 5 to that.
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    I mean in massive huge sell to the world grows they will not have high percent strains for the simple fact that the potency will be so strong that people will not be buying very much of it for their needs. they want to get it to the point where you are happy with the results but still feeling like you need more and you go buy more.  the highest thc strains will still be small time grows with serious attention to detail, basically the total opposite of mass grows industrial weed.
    with the coming of absolute acceptance the huge amount of new people to try and buy it will be newbies and not know what good cannabis is so there is a market for the mediocre, the companies are on board with this ( new to you) just like with all commerce. people familiar with the effects will try it and not go back for more.
  9. I'm sure they are worried about a future time when being able to discern organic/hydro/aero/etc. from synthetic/tampered with bud, comes to a cease.
  10. And those fears are unfounded, there will always be private or quality growers no matter what the market looks like.

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  11. That is true there will be those who keep their good seeds, but in a far out future, I don't think it impossible to have synthetic nug and plenty of it crossed in seeds floating around.. Those less informed are the prey, the newer generations and what not... If there are states still illegal by then it might become even more prevelent and cheaper than good bud as well. The fears are coming from the fact of tampered buds becoming more common, not dominating the market, though I think you are still right. It was my cynical side over-exaggerating ahead 100 years and assholes are fucking with everything lol
  12. kind of like food as we now know of it in America...
  13. Exactly. In my life time I will always be able to get organic happy buds. But what about the future? I'm scared that they will possibly get a monopoly on the sales of cannabis. This could be years and years and years away. But it's something to worry about and take action towards. I think any true stoners out there should do their best no to support them by buying their product or selling their products.

    "We made nature illegal. This just shows how unnatural we have become"
  14. So much food is loaded with preservatives now a days. And loaded with all sorts of other weird unnatural shit. And real organic food costs so much money and is soo hard to find. What if the same happens to cannabis? It's becomes extremely expensive for real organic bud because it's high in demand and there's not a lot of it? That's a serious possibility. I don't think we should take this so lightly. Idk what is up with this generation that is perfectly content with letting things pass them by. Idk bout you guys but I worry about the future industry of pot.

    "We made nature illegal. This just shows how unnatural we have become"
  15. I'm more worrying for the future industry as I plan to be a professional grower. It's something I'm very passionate about so don't tell me to "get over it" my love for Cannabis goes deeper than the high you get. One day because of this issue, real, organic, potent cannabis could be in very high demand, causing prices to sky rocket, the availability would decrease greatly, good weed could be 1000x harder to come by. This is what happens in a monopoly. All these corps know is monopolies. They are guna try there best get a monopoly on the trade of cannabis like they have done in the past with tobacco. Money gets to people. One day cannabis could be run by only large corp. start making a deal outta this now before it's too late man.

    "We made nature illegal. This just shows how unnatural we have become"
  16. the scenarios we are speaking of are at the level of cannabis being available to everyone and the prices will be much lower as the black market steps aside. of course there is quality and then the lack of it as with lots of things grown. once huge conglomerates get in I see cannabis ending up no different than anything else grown unless we completely change the way we do everything.
  17. And that's exactly what I'm afraid of. At the end of the day cannabis is just a plant. So when it starts to become more legal, the government and large industries are guna treat it like a plant. And the way they treat most plants now a days aren't the best. They have large operations in which they can put very little care into since the fields of produce are so big. For instance apples. I heard that apples in the 40s had like 4x the nutritional value as an apple today. That's due to the fact that they need to be mass produced, little care is put into their growth simply because you just can't care for so many plants at one time. Pesticides are either sprayed on or the plant is genetically altered to naturally produce pesticides. I see all this happening with cannabis. In an ideal world. I would love to keep cannabis between small businesses. If there's a will there's a way. So why can't we do everything differently? Cuz really, cannabis isn't just a plant. Any toker agrees. It's so much more. It's medicine. How many plants are actually like cannabis? Not very many, if any. And personally I think we should treat cannabis totally different because it is. Anyone also afraid of it getting to large pharm. companies???

    "We made nature illegal. This just shows how unnatural we have become"
  18. We don't need no stinking Marlboro weed, Mexico is fully capable of supplying weed that will satisfy the majority of recreational smokers, for a fraction of the cost of anything produced in North America.  
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    until each lazy ass person takes their health and all they need into their own hands we will always have others doing it for us in their own way. now look at all the tunnel vision greedy control freak types in the world and you guessed it, they are the ones supplying your food supply attaching their greed freak control onto everything they grow treating plant life like robots all the same and such.
    edit, the crazy thing is this only started happening a few years ago in relation to 'all time' as we now know it. all it takes is a few years of the greedy control to completely start destroying vast eco systems and plant life the world over
  20. Well I don't necessarily agree with that side of the underground. Especially Mexico. I'm sure not ALL weed from Mexico is terrible but it's hard to tell where it's coming from. People could lace it. Generally is lacking in quality, most the time it's compressed as fuck from having to be smuggled in. I had compressed weed once and it was such a bummer. Compressed weed just burns different and feels weird. I would rather it come from local growers and or dispensaries. There is really nothing like medical grade buds. You get what you pay for. Right now in MA, it's 350 an oz from the dispensary. I'm happy to pay that since the quality is just so amazing. Also I don't like to condone the underground as that could be supporting other illegal activities like sex trafficking and fucked up shit like that.

    "We made nature illegal. This just shows how unnatural we have become"

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