Collab Marbleslinger/Snic Collab Set

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  1. Snic did the shaping.

    Sling did the blasting.

    Been looking for a nice dry for a long time.

  2. I need to get some sort of wooden stand for it. I don't like how the work is not displayed when it is sitting down.

    I'm also going to grab a family shot soon as well.
  3. sickness!!!! whered u snag em? secrets?
  4. good lookin' man i've been wanting to grab one of these for a while as well. snic's sherly's always have the perfect shape. dude kills it on every single one.
  5. hell yeah man that shit is tight. which shop did u go to? i don't remember secrets having a great slinger selection

  6. go in there asap to see their new stuff! and i dont especially like secrets because they fired one of the coolest people who work there who was an aquaintance of mine. prices are through the roof but probably one of the best shops for heady glass in chicago.
  7. thanks for the compliments. after seshing with sling at the lotus gallery opening and getting to look at his work in person, i knew i had to have something by him. so happy it is a matte/glassy black piece too. i love the contrasting look.

    didn't grab it from secrets. had a friend grab it for me from a shop out of state.
  8. C&G here in KC has a similar set as well! Definitely caught my eye...
  9. love that signature!!!!

    nice pick up dude enjoy them!!!
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    unfortunately i wont be able to go to secrets for another 3 weeks when i get home for spring break. but thats a shame about ur acquaintance every single person who works there is a joy imo. and yes that is very true they are overpriced as shit. i still think they overcharged me for my ukiah bub, but im making my money back for it as we speak
  11. i'm trying to make my way over to all about it for spring break too.

    i tried to make it for the freeek/ghost demo day, but it was a blizzard and I wasn't driving 1+ hr in that weather.
  12. Holy Crap. I absolutly love that pipe.
  13. sweet fucking set dude.
  14. SAME SHIT HAPPENED TO ME DUDE mchenry is a little closer than an hour, but it still wouldnt have been a pleasent drive. but they fuckin killed shit all day, TC posted some pics if u havent seen them already (im assuming you have)
  15. Thanks guys!

    Yeah, I saw the pics, GA put up some good ones too.
  16. man, thats some nice ass glass.

    I was looking to get a kick ass sherlock as well. I was looking a lot into Dan P's work (idk if you have heard of him).

    Thats some quality glass rite there mah man, + rep for sure. and you cant go wrong with that slide haha. kick ass man, kick ass.
  17. All black on black. Fucking nuts, dude.
  18. that set is gorgeous man, good stuff!
  19. Yeah, I've seen some Dan P work. Headventures in Joliet, IL gets some of his work and I've seen him on does some nice work. Reminds me of early slinger blasting.

    Thanks man! I've wanted a matte/gloss black for so long. I figured, who would do it better than Snic/Sling?

  20. Bump since there's so much traffic in the city these days.

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