MapleStory While High

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Ikifar, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. If anyone here has ever played Maple Story, you'd know how horrifically painfull it is to attempt to level past like 30. I lamented any kind of level grinding as any sane person would and quit at level 51. Now last night I was considerably high and I decided to play it yet again. I get on and found that grinding was relatively easier and much more enjoyable. I was able to play and listen to music and have an overall entertaining night with it. I would suggest playing this if you want to relax without any concern while being high for a while.

    So yeah this may as well be a maplestory thread officially. Post about your characters here.

    Main: Ikifar
    Server: Bera
    Class: Spearman
    Guild: JesusFreaks
    Level: 51

    By the way, Maple Story still sucks compared to almost any other mmorpg.
  2. i only played maplestory when i was high lol its pretty fun.
    i got a 71 hermit in khaini but that was years ago
  3. used to play that game. It been 4 years...
  4. I played it yesterday and i was like owtf? And my guild kept laughing at me cause I kept talking about Muse and stuff XD. My ign is EdinX, Scania, Horizons. Level 90 here, I don't play as much anymore since Combat Arms while high is more interesting.

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